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In 24 hours: Discovering that humanity is even better than fairy tales.

Posted on: November 20, 2015

In 24 hours:  Discovering that humanity is even better than fairy tales.

After the attacks in Lebanon and France and the one to one encounters with the thousands of refugees fleeing war and terror, I lost hope in humanity and my tears started pouring every now and then for stupid reasons.
In the last 24h of my trip in Greece I went out to listen to live music, was looking at this amazing singer with her amazing voice embracing the world, so happy and festive and my tears were just pouring non stop.

The night ended with all of us dancing, meeting each other, hugging and celebrating life.

On that last same day in Greece, we went for a hike. On the way, and just like in fairy tales, we met an old guy who has Parkinson’s disease, sitting by himself eating nuts.

He stopped us, showed us the way and gave us an orange.

We then passed by a distillery, the smell reminded me of my uncle’s winery.

The family sitting inside invited us in, we ate with them, they gave us fresh bread for the road and a full bottle full of fresh Ouzo.

Few hours later we passed by a real Greek wedding happening in a small chapel by the sea with two men playing violin and busuki.

We enjoyed the music, the scenery and the love all around. We then hitchhiked back with two French men half way, and a group of Greek and American guys the other half to get to the car.

This all happened in 24 hours, as if the universe and maybe Greece specifically didn’t want me to leave feeling so sad and hopeless.
They wanted to let me know that humanity is not lost and that life can and is even better than fairy tales.

Note: Sabine and her troop of clowns (clowns without borders) spent more than a week in Lesbos cheering the refugee children who barely reached the seashore safely.

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