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Words easily lose their meaning when Not applied correctly

Posted on: December 7, 2015

Words easily lose their meaning when Not applied correctly

Saying vs. doing

Does this group have a loyalty oath?

Brittle organizations are focused on which end of the egg you open.

Are you wearing the team jersey the right way, saying the incantations each time, saluting properly…

Resilient organizations are more focused on what you produce, and why.

Petty dictators care a lot about words, about appearances, about whether everyone is genuflecting in precisely the same way.

The problem with words is that they easily lose their meaning.

Say something often enough and it becomes a tic, not an expression of how you actually feel.

(Propaganda repeat key words. And it works in the long run. Like liberty, democracy, free speech, human rights, terrorists, evil empire…)

Not only that, but words rarely change things (They change the common sense of people). Actions do.

It turns out that it’s a lot easier to sign up for a tribe that doesn’t ask you to think, or take responsibility for your actions.

But, in the long run, take responsibility for your actions are the very things that lead to the changes we seek.

“Use your best judgment, care about your impact, do work that matters, (do your due diligence)…” are significantly more powerful instructions than, “Do it this way. Say it this way. Behave the way I told you to.”

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