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The Farmers Market: Souk el Tayeb in Beirut

Posted on: December 10, 2015


The Farmers Market

Souk el Tayeb is an open air, weekly farmers market held every Saturday in downtown Beirut at the Beirut Souks, Trablos Street from 9am to 2pm.

Created in 2004, it was the first farmers market to open in Lebanon and is now a forum to share food, traditions and hospitality in a way that has helped bring together fractured communities.

Souk el Tayeb promotes unity around a common respect for food, land, and agricultural traditions. It aims to preserve food traditions and the culture of small farming in Lebanon, to protect the interests of the small farmers and producers and to enable them to compete with industrial and globalized food trade.

Ryta Sili's photo.
Ryta Sili's photo.

The farmers market was created as a private initiative by Kamal Mouzawak with the intent of creating a “souk” with the same vibrant energies of traditional “souks” but featuring the products of small farmers who bring to the market their knowledge – preserving centuries old Lebanese food traditions for future generations to enjoy.

The literal translation of Souk el Tayeb means “the good market (The tasty market)” – both good in taste and character.

By connecting consumers and producers, Souk el Tayeb promotes the consumption of local food, thereby giving livelihoods to small-scale farmers and enhance food knowledge and culture throughout Lebanon.

Souk el Tayeb’s weekly farmers market hosts around a 100 small producers from all over Lebanon who offer fresh, local, seasonal food products and organic produce, ranging from fruits and vegetables, “mouneh” (what can last for winter season), dairy products, ready- to- eat food and sweets alongside traditional, handmade crafts.

The market is divided into several sections:
Organic Section which includes certified organic products. The organic section covers over a third of the Souk Tayeb market.

Mixed Section
which includes both certified organic and conventional products.
Conventional Section which includes products that are naturally grown.

Handmade Crafts Section
boasting pottery, traditional soaps, kids books, straw baskets, etc.

Kids Section
used for different educational and entertainment activities for kids: storytelling, seed planting, arts and crafts, etc.

Information Stand
where information about the market and other Souk el Tayeb events can be found.

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