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Heroine addicted police officer in Baltimore. And for 21 years of fear

Posted on: March 28, 2016

Heroine addicted police officer in Baltimore

“I was a Heroine addicted police officer in Baltimorefor 21 years. I was addicted to heroin the entire time I was on the force. A lot of the guys had their addictions.
I don’t think people understand the fear involved in the job.
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We were scared all the time. Baltimore was the murder capital of the world. It was tremendously stressful.

I never used needles. Just powder. I was too scared of needles. My partner knew about it.

One time he walked in the bathroom while I was using. He told me: ‘The moment I feel like you’re putting my life in danger, I’m turning you in.’

I did feel guilty when I was arresting drug offenders. But I always told myself: ‘You’re doing them a favor.

One morning I looked in the mirror and saw death. I had no soul. So I made myself quit. I took two weeks leave, locked myself in a hotel room, and quit cold turkey. It was the darkest two weeks of my life. I can’t talk about it. But I never used again.

My wife was never able to quit, though. She committed suicide six years ago.

I woke up one morning and she’d been dead for seven hours, right next to me.”

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