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Voices from the Middle East and Syria: ASWAT.ME

Posted on: March 31, 2016

Voices from the Middle East and Syria

ASWAT.ME (Voices from the Middle East) aims to support and empower the voices of women and girls in the Middle East.

Women affected by violent extremism face victimization, but they are also survivors, leaders and activists with the ability to speak directly about their experiences.

ASWAT.ME currently features one of the largest anonymous digital surveys of women’s voices from across the MENA region – over 10,000 women – to open discussion on critical issues such as education, mobility, and work outside the home.

ASWAT.ME will also highlight women’s resilience, leadership, independence and ingenuity to share untold stories of everyday heroines and challenge the perceptions of women and girls in the region.

In collaboration with
  • Methodology

    These studies were conducted anonymously, online, and simultaneously in 16 countries across the Middle East and North Africa in October and November 2015. Proprietary RDIT intercept technology was used to generate the sample. Results can be generalized to the population of internet users in each country.

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استمع لقصص لم تُروى من نساء هربن من العنف في سوريا. شاهد الإعلان الكامل.

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