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What a trip

My shadowless journey among the living

I keep hearing: Life is just a trip

What trip?

A few come to life, their trip all planned out, scheduled, financed…

They tried all kinds of transport facilities and toured the world without luggage

They get out in their voyage for long treks in nature, climb mountains, surf, hunt wild animal in safaris…

They never had to try Greyhound or these slow trains for destinations not so exciting, and pretty unknown.

A few come to life not having any stipend to dismount from the transport carriage to have a bite

As many riders do in the bus.

A few are discovered in the landing gears of airplanes: They are retrieved in a state of hibernation

Many have no idea where on earth they were born and why they were born.

Frequently trailing after the long pilgrimage convoys to the nearest UN compound for food, potable water

And treatment for curable diseases.

Occasionally they are pushed to join “revolutionary” armies as kid slaves

After being forced to kill their mother, father, and elder brothers and sisters.

It is getting tradition to board rickety ships as immigrants, after suffering long journeys in desert and refugee camps

And hoped to be picked up by more comfortable salvage ships.

The vast majority are stashed in containers

And human-packed containers cross oceans in total darkness

And in the stench of totally closed compartment.

Cars are the transport means that killed and handicapped most trip takers

And particularly in countries suffering from embargoes on spare parts

The daily toll is staggering.

I was packed in the luggage compartment of some transport means and forgotten.

I was found 6 years later.

I woke up after a coma of eternity to discover a semblance of life.

I chocked when I had my first breath of fresh air: It was poisonous to my weakling constitution.

For the first time I noticed shadows of people surrounding me.

And I wanted one of them shadows, all mine.

I was transferred so many times and experienced all kinds of confinement in boarding schools,

In private schools and later in public universities.

I was shuffled from one main language to another main language schools.

As adult, I kept sharing apartment and lived in tight basements, modern caves…

I wanted a shadow, but wanting and getting one is not an easy journey among the living.

My best refuge was dark rooms and basements.

I was a totally transparent body among the living up the age of 13.

Living bodies who never noticed me or paid any attention to me.

Why I’m under the impression that never talked to anybody till the age of 13?

Why I’m under the impression that nobody talked to me till then?

I had no shadow to impress and attract the living.

I joined in trips with the living:

It is not of any fault or limitations of the living for isolating me.

I just had no subjects or emotions that could create any kinds of passions in me

To transmit, communicate, explore.

What a trip among the living

As if no lights left any trace of a shadow

Behind or ahead of me.

And I didn’t find any good enough reason to observe the living and their behaviors.

It is not an easy job to establish a salient shadow.

Years later, I managed to secure a room of my own in the ground floor.

I installed the bookshelves, the computer, the homework of my university students…

I thought I was settled.

Relatives of mine deemed this room a luxury for someone just intent on reading and writing.

A room that was vouchsafed to be better vacant and put for rent.

Instead of being rent, my own room was reserved for storing unwanted belonging that were cramming

And disfiguring their interior designed space for receiving the rare visitors.

Why do I write?

So I can learn to observe.

I observe to resuscitate whatever feeling and emotions I buried

In the deepest recesses of my convoluted memory.

Still this shadowless individual,

Still learning to observe the shadows

Note: I began my piece 3 days ago, before I stumbled on Thomas Mann’s essay “Nobleness of the Spirit”.

I flipped to the chapter of the German poet Chamisso and discovered the novel “The marvelous story of Peter Schlemihl (1813)”. I got the key symbol of Shadow and ran with it.

Read every day and you’ll never lack inspirations to improve and finish an essay.

Sex Ring of minor Syrian girls:

Beach front in Maameltein, Lebanon

The Lebanese security forces dismantled yesterday the country’s largest known sex trafficking ring that was operating in Maameltein, a neighborhood in Jounieh also considered as Lebanon’s red-light district.

The police freed around 75 Syrian female sex slaves, two of which might have been minors. The human and sex trafficking network has been operating for at least 10 years and was busted after 5 women managed to escape to the Leilaki district, a stronghold of Hezbollah, and whose leaders informed the authorities. (Otherwise, it is unlikely the authority would have acted on this piece of intelligence that must have been known for a long time)

The presence of sex rings in Lebanon is no surprise but it’s quite shocking that they’ve been operating for 10 years in a highly suspicious area and were never caught.

What’s even more shocking are the horrific stories of rape, abuse and torture that were told by the freed girls to local TVs and website

Jimmy Ghazal shared this link. April 2, 2016
Posted By : Najib The Lebanese security forces dismantled yesterday the…

LBCI shared one testimony while Legal-Agenda mentioned more than 5 stories.

Most of these women lost their families in Syria and came to Lebanon looking for a new life but were instead tricked and dragged into prostitution in the worst possible ways.

Sally is 27 years old and has been a sex slave for almost 3 years. She fell for a Syrian man who promised to marry her but then took her to a whorehouse in Maameltein where she got locked up, abused and tortured repeatedly.

Another girl called Nagham thought she was going to work at a pub before realizing she’s becoming a sex slave. Nagham had been working for 2 weeks and was forced to eat one cucumber per day only to lose weight as she was told her body wasn’t “appealing” to customers.

The worst part is that these poor women underwent nearly 200 abortions according to the detained doctor, or should I say butcher, and some of the women almost died in the process.

There are hundreds if not thousands of human and sex trafficking networks in Lebanon and Syrian refugees, mainly children and women, are the most vulnerable to violence and sexual abuse.

Many women who are unable to find work are subjected to regular sexual harassment or forced into prostitution. A lot of them simply prostitute themselves for money and aid or send their children to work on the streets.

Two weeks ago, a man confessed to having purchased four children, “two five year old twin girls, a boy about one year and several months, and his eight-year old bigger brother”, near Ramlet el Baida beach recently from a stressed-out Syrian woman for $600.

The kids had lost their parents during the war and the woman was no longer able to take care of them. Luckily for the kids, they are being well taken care of but this just gives you an idea of what Syrian refugee children are going through.

We all hear horror stories from Syria but the scale of exploitation faced by Syrian refugees in Lebanon is dangerously high and the authorities have yet to regulate their presence and make them feel protected and safe, especially the families.

Lebanon might collapse any day under the weight of the massive influx of Syrian refugees and has to manage in a better way the Syrian crisis starting with refugee children and women abuse.

Note: I was told by an acquaintance that in my hometown sex transactions are being carried out by minor Syrian girls in a remote house through a middleman. I won’t be surprised if most towns have their particular closed houses at night

How the wealthy and powerful hide their money:

The latest massive leak

Andrew Bossone shared this link
Data from an international law firm reveal the shadowy world of shell companies, exposing how secretive offshore companies at times subvert U.S. foreign policy……

Several McClatchy journalists joined more than 370 journalists from 78 countries in the largest media collaboration ever undertaken following a leak.

The document archive is massive at 2.6 terabytes. It would take a desktop computer at least 24 hours to download it at average internet speeds.

As a registered agent, the Mossack Fonseca law firm incorporates companies in tax havens across the globe for a fee. It has avoided close scrutiny from U.S. law enforcement officials.

Mossack Fonseca denies all accusations of illegal activity.

“We have not once in nearly 40 years of operation been charged with criminal wrongdoing. We’re proud of the work we do, notwithstanding recent and willful attempts by some to mischaracterize it,” spokesman Carlos Sousa said.

The law firm’s co-founder, Ramón Fonseca, in an interview last month on Panamanian television, compared the firm to an automaker whose liability ends once the car hits the road. Blaming Mossack Fonseca for what people do with their companies, he said, would be like blaming an automaker “for an accident or if the car was used in a robbery.”

Yet plenty of criminals are in the documents, from drug traffickers to convicted fraudsters. One of the co-founders of the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama is Ramon Fonseca Mora, seen here in a May 31, 2012 photo. // Courtesy of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Courtesy of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
One of the co-founders of the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama is Ramon Fonseca Mora, seen here in a May 31, 2012 photo.

Jurgen Mossack, a co-founder of the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama, is seen here in a June 26, 2014, photo at a Panama City event in which he accepted a leadership position in the Rotary Club. // Courtesy of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Courtesy of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Jurgen Mossack, a co-founder of the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama, is seen here in a June 26, 2014, photo at a Panama City event in which he accepted a leadership position in the Rotary Club.

“The offshore world is the parallel universe of the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful,” said Jack Blum, a white-collar crime attorney and an architect of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The archive, which dates to the late 1970s and extends through December 2015, reveals that 14,000 intermediaries and middlemen bring business to Mossack Fonseca.

No corner of the globe is untouched – including the United States.

States such as Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming register thousands of corporations annually, often without identifying the true owners. Some of the billions of dollars splashing through the domestic economy come from anonymous foreigners who inflate real estate prices in places like Miami, buying properties outright in cash.

“We know (of) … upwards to $6 to $10 billion a year laundered through the U.S.,” said Patrick Fallon Jr., head of the FBI’s financial crimes section.

The most extraordinary allegations in the archive revolve around Putin’s closest associates, including Sergey Roldugin (pronounced Roll-DOO-gen), a close friend since the late 1970s when Putin was a young KGB agent.

Roldugin is a classical cellist for the St. Petersburg orchestra, yet his name appears as the owner of offshore companies that have rights to loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

A Russian news service report in 2010 disclosed that he owned at least 3 percent of Bank Rossiya, Russia’s most important bank.

When Mossack Fonseca helped open a bank account in Switzerland on behalf of Roldugin, the application form asked if he had “any relation to PEPs (politically exposed persons) or VIPs.”

The one-word answer was “no.” Yet, Roldugin is godfather to Putin’s daughter Mariya.

“Roldugin is, by his proximity to a serving head of state, clearly an exposed person,” Mark Pieth, a former head of the Swiss justice ministry’s organized crime division, told the ICIJ team.

Note 1: Panama? It is practically a USA state. No fool should trust their banks dealing. There can be no secrecy when the US decide to target and smear political and influential personality.
Note 2: It is the same rerun with the defunct international BCCI that was owned by a Pakistani and who did everything that this latest US controlled financial institute have been doing.






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