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Can you try finding alternative terms to “Awesome“?

Clean and Repair

Overheard while eavesdropping in a restaurant recently:

“This bacon burger is literally amazing.”

Okay, so it is literally amazing? When it hits your tongue, does it cause extreme surprise and great wonder?

We imagine that when the waiter first placed the food in front of this same patron, he or she omitted the standard “Thank you” in favor of “Awesome.”

As in, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a plate of food so remarkable so as to stir feelings of fear, wonder or awe in its recipient.

A good piece on using the correct word in your writing:…/stop-calling-everything-awesome…

Seven simple rules for better conversation

Word choice may seem harmless, but words have meaning. And our collective tendency for hyperbole — for defining everything as amazing or awesome — is in fact rendering everything kind of lackluster.

For anything to be truly great, our collective celebration of mediocrity must end, which means we should all make a little more effort to clean and repair our diction.

Though this undertaking will be tough, we’re certain it’ll be rewarding.

Be aware of the offenders

The first step towards cleaning up is knowing when you’re overreaching. Being a thoughtful speaker is an exercise in mindfulness. You have to be fully engaged in the moment, and listening and considering before letting mindless fillers or flaccid affirmations tumble from your trap.

Use descriptors in lieu of superlatives

This is where we hear the misused “Awesomes,” “Amazings” and (cringe) “Epics.”

If you need to qualify something, use a more precise word. You’d be correct to use the word “amazing” when describing what it’s like to stand next to a lion or watch the birth of your first child. You’d be wrong to use that word to describe a bacon burger.

Qualify size: “It’s as big as Andre the Giant’s hand.” “It’s prodigious, as far as meat patties go.”

Qualify taste: “The patty is 40 percent ground bacon and 60 percent top sirloin.” “The melted fontina runs down the sides like warm butter.” “It’s smeared with ground mustard seeds.” Even a “Delicious” will do in a pinch.

“Epic,” as pointed out recently by the New Yorker, is a word that should only be used to describe something truly massive or a type of poem.

Mind the Fillers

Fillers are words we use to keep the conversation lubricated. These aren’t half as offensive as hyperbolic descriptors, but if you remove them from your vocab, you’ll sound more articulate.

“Totally.” “Cool.” “Uh-huh.”

The fix: just nod, smile, listen and/or repeat back what someone has said for clarification.

Slang and colloquialisms are fine

Especially if you’re playing around with standard meanings and grammar. Take the phrase “It’s been around a hot minute.” Means something has been around much longer than a minute. Irony is good.

But watch out for hackneyed tech speak

“He’s killing it,” “He’s crushing it, “He’s a wizard,” “He’s a ninja.” We’re not at Hogwarts. Drop these words. Drop them now.

Enhance your vocabulary

By reading writers who use big words, and often. Here’s a list who do it right:

David Foster Wallace (Infinite Jest; Brief Interviews With Hideous Men)
Tom Robbins (Skinny Legs and All; Jitterbug Perfume)
Tom Wolfe (The Bonfire of the Vanities; The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test)
David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas; The Bone Clocks)
Thomas Pynchon (Gravity’s Rainbow; The Crying of Lot 49)
Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita; Pale Fire)

Doing crossword puzzles is another easy way to fortify and replenish.

Finally, literally stop using literally when you mean figuratively

Just because Merriam-Webster caved a couple years ago to accommodate shitty usage everywhere doesn’t mean you have to.

And remember: “Good” means something is pleasing or of high quality.

There’s nothing wrong with good. In fact, there’s humility in being good, and humility leads to grace.

And grace is a sort of quiet awesomeness.


No matter, with a little talent… 

I was immersed, involuntarily, since I was born,

In sacred rituals,

Family, religious sect, schools, and political party line.

Unlike most, I escaped marriage ritual:

I am Not that pretty, tall, or rich enough

For the beautiful opportunistic girls.

I valiantly rebelled much later, involuntarily, and mostly unconsciously first.

I attempted to be freed of the coded moral restrictions,

To free my life of the accepted sacred rituals.

I have been fleeing ever since, haphazardly, of aspects of the sacred.

I cherished the egoism of my freedom to be “nothing much for others”,

And free of everything in my mind.

No matter, with a little talent,

To keeping me busy,

I might have been swooped in the turbulence of social life.

I would not have noticed this powerful bipolar tag of war:

Freedom and the sacred.

Social intelligence, perfected through millennia,

To control and teach its select members to control.

Perfected through millennia

Has closed all loopholes

In this universal web net for controlling every aspect of social interactions,

From birth to death.

We have been revolting;

We have been reforming;

For so many abstract reasons;

Observing human injustices.

All the while, we failed to point the finger to the main dragon;

Too powerful to grasp its devilish control schemes;

Too well aware of our weaknesses, brutality,

Meanness, ignorance, and hatefulness,;

Too powerful to even mention its name,

Sacred rituals for our survival as human kind.

No matter, with a little talent,

With a few sacred links to society

I might have noticed nothing that important.

Rare catastrophes might have opened my eyes,

Eyes, to be shut close instantly to resume my daily habits.


A Jewel in Syria Where

‘Ruins Have Been Ruined’ by ISIS

A Times photographer traveled to Palmyra, Syria,
to see what remained of its archaeological treasures
after almost a year of Islamic State control.

We captured a whole town and houses from them, and they recaptured sand and destruction.” ISIS leader

A few examples of how the Lebanese institutions react to nasty events

The physician syndicate president, freshly elected, refused to revoke the practice licence of a physician who aborted more than 200 Syrian sex slaves. The minister of health had to step in and close the physician clinic after he testified of his crimes.

Minister Abou Fa3our is one of the younger and active ministers who are competing for the heart and mind of the people, along with Education minister Abu Sa3b and minister of foreign affairs Basil.

Many internal force officers patronized the sex slave business for over 3 years and received in kind kickbacks.

Apparently, with the diminishing arrivals of tourists, this business could no longer afford the heavy kickbacks and was pray for quick action.

More than one million, out of 4 million Lebanese live under $9 a day. And the government don’t give a damn

And we have over 2 million refugees who get monthly stipends of around $250 and other facilities, like free education and allowances for rent… funded by international institutions.

These institutions promised a lot of funds to Lebanon in many conferences and we received nothing.

Actually, Ban Key Moon wanted to lend us money to take care of the refugees.

Joelle Boutros posted

– ابو فاعور تحرك في ظل مماطلة نقابة الاطباء بأخذ اجراءات بحق الطبيب رياض العلم. فقرر يسحب اجازة مزاولة المهنة منه ومن الممرضة المساعدة جيزيل اراكيلو وطبيب البنج واقفال العيادة بالشمع الاحمر. وزير الصحة عم بينافس وزير التربية على لقب “حبيب الشعب”. ونقابة الاطباء ب “لا لا لاند”، مستمرة بتجاهل المشاكل والفساد يلي عم يواجه الجسم الطبي.
– في مقابلة مع “للنشر” مبارح، كشفت فتاة كانت هربت من “شي موريس” انو كتير من رجال الامن كانوا زبائن دايمين بالاوتيل.
– غرد جنبلاط عن الموضوع ع تويتر. تحرك المشنوق وطلب التحقيق في اتهامات جنبلاط لمسؤولين في مكتب حماية الآداب بالتواطؤ مع شبكة الاتجار. وردّ المشنوق بعنف ومعو قوى الامن على الاتهامات. جنبلاط بيغرد والكل بيتخبط ببعضه.
– نايل سات رح توّقف بث عبر محطة جورة البلوط في لبنان. وبالتالي من بكرا بيبطل فينا نحضر عدة محطات لبنانية. السبب: الشركة صرلها ٧ اشهر باعتة طلب تجديد للعقد. وزارة الاتصالات اهملت الملف ومجلس الوزراء كوما كالعادة. هالحكومة هيي افضل شي حصل للبلد.
– مليون مواطن لبناني بيعيشوا بأقل من ٨،٧% دولار في اليوم في لبنان. بناء عليه، اطلق الحريري مشروع “ازالة الفقر والعوز المدقع في لبنان”. اولا، المدقع؟ سيريسلي. ثانيا، ازالة الفقر؟ ثالثا، من بيت الوسط؟ اعزائي، انتو افضل من انتج وصدّر الفقر واكتر من استغله.
– الشركة المتعهدة تركيب الكاميرات لبلدية بيروت اسمها guardia. هيي ذاتها مستلمة اعادة تأهيل سجن روميه (لول). وهيي الشركة الوحيدة المختصة يلي قدمت على مناقصة تركيب الكاميرات (كمان لول). بيملكها شخص مقرب من الحريري وجهاد العرب، حسب تقرير بنشرة ال.بي.سي. لول، لول، لول.
– وزير المالية: “سنرفع الغطاء عن كل الفاسدين”. هوي شو نوع الغطاء يلي عم تحاولوا ترفعوه ومش عم تزبط معكم من ٢٥ سنة؟
– رئيس وزراء ايسلاندا استقال على خلفية فضيحة “اوراق بنما”. عيب عليه! بدل ما يكون ع مستوى اللحظة! نحنا عم نطلق مشاريع “لإزالة الفقر” ومنعتمد سياسة النأي بالنفس ومنأكد على اهمية الصبر عند كل فضيحة. ونحنا منعمل ١٠ فضايح بالتنكة. عن جد عيب!
– الجامعة اللبنانية منحت شهادات التخرج لطلاب كلية الاعلام بعد طول انتظار. قام طلعوا كلن غلط. يعني المعلومات الواردة بالشهادة لا تمت للطالب بصلة. فخر الصناعة الوطنية.
– لمحة عن اسئلة ريما كركي مبارح لفتاة ضحية شبكة الاتجار: “بدي اسألك سؤال موجع كتير؛ بتفيقي الصبح وبتنامي اي ساعة؟لو بدي ضايقك شوي بالسؤال، كيف بيكون شكلو النهار؟ بتفيقي اي ساعة، اديه عدد الاشخاص، شو يلي بتشوفي بيإذيكي شخصيا؟ انت شو ذنبك لتستحقري نفسك؟كيف بتوصفي حالك هلأ؟” ريما هيي “ملكة الاحساس” بالاذن من اليسا.
– “١: ع فكرة، عمر بلش شغل معي اليوم بالشركة.
٢: والله. وكيف شفتو؟
١: بعد ما شفت منو شي. بس حبيت فيه شغلة. عينو شبعانة وخجول كتير”.
– “الساعات الطويلة يلي بقعدها لحالي بتاخدني لكتير ابعد من هيك. مش مهم شو بتحس، اطلع ع ارض الواقع وحكوم بنفسك”.
– “ليه سجلتلي الشقة بإسمي؟ ما انا وانت واحد”.
ما فينا الا ما نذكر اقوال من مسلسلات لبنانية رصينة.

Imad Bazzi posted

لمن يسأل كيف دامت شبكة الإتجار بالبشر 3 سنوات دون أن يكشف أمرها، عليكم بالحسبة التالية: ضمت الشبكة 75 سيدة على مدى 3 سنوات، وكان المشغل يقبض مبلغ 100 ألف ليرة من كل زبون، ويجبر الفتايات على معاشرة 10 الى 20 رجل يومياً. فلنحسب ان 50 منهن فقط اجبروا على العمل يومياً وان متوسط الزبائن 10 لكل فتاة.
50X10X70$: 35000$ يومياً
بمعدل مليون وخمسين ألف دولار شهرياً، اي أكثر من 12 مليون دولار سنوياً، فتات وكسور هذا المبلغ كافية لشراء كل الذمم من رأس الهرم الى الزبون الوضيع




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