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The domestic worker, the woman boss and the security officer at the airport

Posted on: April 8, 2016

The domestic worker and the security officer at the airport

Mario Ramadan shared his post. Yesterday at 4:50pm ·

On exiting the airport of Beirut, i saw a domestic worker holding the hand of a member of the General Security and begging him that she does not want to get into the car with the other Lebanese woman.

The General Security member (who is supposed to be doing his job) tried to force her into the car without making a scene, instead of investigating the scenario with the woman.

The domestic worker tried to run away from this woman but the Lebanese woman grabbed her in the hair and started beating her.

I shouted at the woman to stop, she stopped and a lot of people came to the scene. The ISF started talking to her and then the woman started screaming, grabbed the domestic worker in her hair and tried to put her in the car.

At this moment, I took a shot of the incident to send it to a journalist friend and took the number of the car.

Someone reported the fact that I took a photo of this Lebanese woman beating up the domestic worker, and an ISF thug confiscated my phone, deleted my phone images, and threatened to fine me.

I started arguing with him, on how he did not separate the woman from beating the domestic worker, and his response was that: “ما فيني دق بمرا”. (I cannot touch a woman)
The ISF member thinks that this “ما فيني دق بمرا” is a “legit” response for not arresting a woman who was beating another woman from a different nationality.

I hope he fucking remembers that when he arrests or throws smoke and flash grenades on women protesting for their legitimate rights. He also kept on arguing with me that he is doing his job and that I shouldn’t teach him how to do his job.

The car plate number that the domestic worker was being forced into was 499783 G.

Spread and share this. The woman who was beating this woman up should be indicted in the court of law.

Sahar Saba commented:

My friend experienced a similar incident a couple of years ago. He filmed a man beat up a woman as the ISF watched and did nothing.

Then he was arrested and interrogated. His phone was confiscated and the movie was deleted as it “violated airport security laws.” He was also fined.

His lawyer recommended that he pays the fine and let it go as it turned out that the woman-beater was some big shot (with a big “wasta”) #OnlyInLebanon

Note: The owner of the car with the number you mentioned could be: Nour Mohamad Khafaja

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