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It smelt the beast; it felt primitive

Posted on: April 15, 2016


It smelt the beast; it felt primitive

Their eyes met in a flash;

A pair of old acquaintances:

They recognized the event.

They made one step forward and ran into one another arms.

They are embracing; they are sniffing one another,

Slowly, softly sniffing, reminiscing youth.

They are smelling rapidly, inhaling big gulps of body whiffs,

Smelling energy, the wild life.

They fell on their knees, smelling of the beast.

They are clutching hands, kissing fingers, finger nails,

One finger at a time, slowly and respectfully.

Kissing fingers haphazardly, mindlessly, distractedly.

It felt of heart beating wildly;

Of life marching on: timeless.

Misty eyes blinding sights;

No need to observe details:  They knew.

Primal, primitive senses made it all clear and comprehensive.

“I feel stupid” he said

“I smell awful” she said.

“I feel so lucky:  I am experiencing falling in love” he said

“I smell terrible; I look tragic” she said

“I love you; I love it all; I love everyone; I love me” he said

Two expanding stupid smiles

Redesigning two plain, very wet, intelligent faces.

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