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Old fragrance from the dead: Cedar breath from Lebanon

Posted on: April 24, 2016


Old fragrance from the dead; 

Fragrance wafting hot,

Myrrh, spices, thyme

Old fragrance travelled for years

Over oceans and deserts

Spreading tales and myths

Reminiscing stories of old countries and empires;


Lights of a star reaching mankind

Star long time dead.

Dead star still sending the message to common people:

“I live; I live in your eyes, in your dreams, in your hopes.

I have disintegrated, but the light

Recreated, and reborn of me by other stars is on.


Old fragrance from the dead

Civilization, culture, and man

Breathes of cedars in Lebanon

Flaming in the sun

Confined in closets.

Old fragrance from the dead

To mankind living in a shrinking present

A past unwanted

A future disconnected and uncertain.

Old fragrance from the dead

Death still sending messages

Of centuries ago,

Olfactory  messages

Of a dying nature

Cedar breath from Lebanon.

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