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Are the children paying the ultimate price of parents fears?

Posted on: May 1, 2016

Are the children paying the ultimate price of parents fears?

Massad‘s post. March 29 at 9:43pm ·

How safe is it to be Arab in the USA right now?

Joslyn Mery-Massad's photo.

Joslyn Mery-Massad

Misplaced fear creates more fear and we all end up afraid..

And children again end up paying the ultimate price.

One of my Save the Children donation boxes for the children of Syria had to be removed from a local family-run Lebanese deli after its presence sparked multiple customers on multiple occasions to direct anti-Arab and anti-Muslim slurs at the deli owners who in turn became afraid for their safety and the safety of their family.

Breaks. My. Heart. Is this who we have become?

Is this who we want to be?

Time to check ourselves, America. We are better than this.

If you are a business-owner in the Tulsa area and would like to keep a donation box reach out to me here or at ‪#‎notofear‬ ‪#‎yestolove

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