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Haavara Agreement? Hitler backed the Zionist Transfer to Palestine

Posted on: May 3, 2016

Haavara Agreement? Hitler backed the Zionist Transfer to Palestine

Hitler wanted the Jews to immigrate to Palestine or anywhere else and encouraged the transfer since 1935.
His condition was that Zionism would give preference trade with Germany. Zionism didn’t deliver on the agreement.

The rich German Jews had money transfer and investment most in their mind.

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Peter Alan Foley shared this post. April 28 at 4:48pm ·

Latest: Ken has now been suspended from the Labour party for saying that Hitler backed the Zionist Transfer Agreement (see Haavara Agreement)

I am disappointed with Labor leader Corbin for bowing to the Zionist lobby pressures instead of letting documents speak for themselves

Raafat Zebdawi with Nasri Sayegh shared this photo
Of a Palestinian Christian kid girl defying Israeli soldiers during celebration of Orthodox Easter in Jerusalem.

فصح مجيد . كل عام وانتم بخير .

Raafat Zebdawi's photo.

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