Adonis Diaries

I kept a spare hand. And then lost it

Posted on: May 23, 2016


I kept a spare hand;

It is one of those early morning sleep dreams.

I am at the university and there is this small brunette.

I am field experimenting with passing girl students.

This heavy lipped brunette stops girls and asks to shake hands;

She takes the extended hand and turns her face and licks her lips;

She is contemplating the rouge of her lips in a hand mirror.

I am curious and I ask for the hand of one of the pretty girls;

I kiss her hand and then demand to keep her hand;

She retrieves her hand;

I am left with a spare hand in my hand;

The pretty girl looks totally intact.

I am holding a warm hand that fits mine admirably.

I am grabbing this warm hand with my five fingers;

I am not hiding this extra hand;

I am walking around with a warm companion;

I am very much happy and elated.

The next morning I saw the same girl;

She is still whole and pretty.

We have a couple of hours to spare for our next courses.

I invited her to visit the new remodeled library.

The library has been changed drastically;

The interior is ugly.

There is no vast waiting room with directions.

You are facing a brick wall as you enter;

A couple of elevators and side escalators

That takes you to the first and second levels.

The whole and pretty girl steps on the right escalator and I take the left one.

As usually, I assume that we are meeting on the first level.

I am waiting but she disappeared.

Somehow the architect or interior designer decided

To leave strips of beach sand separating the escalators at each level.

I see students holding on their sandals

And having fun walking barefoot on the sand.

It smack as the design is meant to attract kids to an enclosed playground version.

I lost sight of the girl. I think I also lost the spare warm hand.

I could do with the whole girl, but I miss the companionship of the warm hand.

I should re-run this dream

And make sure to hold on better on what counts most to me.

This is very much my life story.

I tend to get lost when in groups of people.

I tend to tell the group of the time and place

Where I will meet with them again and then get lost.

I recall visiting one of the USA Disney Lands.

Most probably it is in Orlando.

I was with a large party of kids and relatives.

I got bored waiting for the entire group

To trying each game.

We never met again until sundown.

At each game I would look around;

After the fun, I would look around and wait some more.

The group did the same.

Joining cruises is much easier:

They tell you when and where to meet again.

This program suits me grandly.

The problem is that tight subgroups wanted to catch up with me;

As if I am their guide or knew what I was touring.

It was a game of losing the crowd.

I am either much ahead or far behind the trekking parties.

I should re-run this warm hand dream attached to my hand.

And make sure that I hold on to what counts most to me.

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