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Through The Eyes of the World: Maya Angelou from Muhammad Ali

Posted on: June 7, 2016

Through The Eyes of the World: Maya Angelou from Muhammad Ali

“I used to listen to Joe Louis fight on the radio when I was young. It was so important to hear how some black mother’s and father’s son was the champion of the world…

To hear Muhammad Ali on the radio and on television, that was just amazing.

Sometimes he was called “the mouth“, but he was so wonderful to look at and great to listen to.

His poetry always made me laugh…He was a man who made an immediate impact on my life, because he was at once so big and so gentle.

He was very strong, but he also was very gentle and had a wonderful sense of humour.
You have to be intelligent to have a sense of humour, so I knew then Muhammad Ali – as powerful as he was – also had a sense of humour.

I loved that. I never trust people who don’t laugh, and I trusted him immediately.
When I met him back in Ghana, he was very young – it was 40 years ago!

We had a good talk, and it wasn’t competitive, combative conversation. I keep the memory of that meal very precious to me. I’ve not even written about it.”
Maya Angelou from Muhammad Ali: Through The Eyes of the World.
We honor the friendship Maya Angelou and Muhammad Ali had and our hearts and prayers go out to the family and the world who is experiencing this indescribable loss.

We are grateful for the full and impactful life lived of the great Muhammad Ali.
The Angelou Johnson Family.

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Maya Angelou's photo.

12 years ago I met the great Mohammad Ali in his house! He kept joking with me by pulling my hair from behind while we were taking the photo 🙂

I remember that day well. I was very emotional seeing and learning how a great fighter can fight a bad disease like Parkinson’s.

That day I told my professor Dr. Jerry Peters that I will go to Medical school and join people in their daily fights.

Sometimes I miss my clinical days in which I was involved in fighting diseases and pain.

I am currently fighting battles that do not have rules nor science in them but I know that these battles are ultimately preventing or reliving people’s pain and suffering!
RIP ‪#‎MohammadAli‬ I promise that I will keep fighting!

Sami Hourani's photo.

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