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Wastefulness: Illustrated

Posted on: June 15, 2016

This French Photographer Illustrates Wastefulness Like You’ve Never Seen

By Katherine Barner in Arts

Imagine spending four years slowly filling up your home with recyclable waste.

Every room is dedicated to a different type of trash: one for plastic water bottles, one for toilet paper rolls, another for old magazines, yet another for empty boxes, and so on.

This is what photographer Antoine Repessé did to make his latest project, “#365 Unpacked” a reality.

“#365 Unpacked” is a photo project that used recyclables and people to illustrate the amount of waste which is created with product packaging.

“For me it was important to have people in the picture because it also gives a scale to the amount of waste that we produce,” said Repessé via email. Each person in the photographs is either a family member of a friend of Repessé’s.

Antoine Repessé is a self-taught photographer based in Lille, France. He has been a freelance photographer for four years, and enjoys photography regarding the condition of people.

“What i like in photography is that it represents an universal language,” said Repessé. “No matter the language your talking or if you are educated or not, everybody can read a picture.” See more of Repessé’s work at

Antoine-Repesse-365 Unpacked 13 Large

Antoine-Repesse-365 Unpacked 1 Large

Antoine-Repesse-365 Unpacked 5 Large

Antoine-Repesse-365 Unpacked 9 Large

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