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Puppy Dog Luck: Sniffing around

Posted on: June 18, 2016

Puppy Dog Luck (2005)


Puppy dog Luck was searching for a master.

I found him.  He is following me.


You have a project.

A project to stay healthy;

To conserve the environment,

To get excellent grades in all your courses this semester,

To keep the workplace safe,

To be accepted at a select University.


You don’t need to be consciously aware of the reasons

For adopting a specific project.

Might as well not know the reasons:

You might drop your project if you realize

That your main reason is not that noble or worthwhile.


You like your project very much;

You are interested, excited, motivated.

You study, research and investigate your project.

You question people, listen carefully to the ideas of people around you,

At home, in a bar, in a restaurant, almost everywhere.

You get carried away when talking about your project.


Somehow your project is taking flesh, it is materializing.

Your life has a savor; you are smiling, laughing and feel glorious:

And luck is following you

Like a shadow.


Praying, fasting, doing penitence might make you a lucky person;

Being constantly interested in a life project will.

Go ahead, attract luck and befriend him.

Luck is sniffing every person

Regardless of color, race, religion or political affiliation.

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