Adonis Diaries

Toxic Instinct

Posted on: June 23, 2016

Toxic Instinct (1999)

He is running after her.

He is big, fat and ugly.

She is smaller,

Quicker and much cuter.

He is running fast.

She climbs a tree.  He follows her.

Round and round

The trunk of the tree they turn.

He stops.

Squirrel girl stops.

She knows his moves.

She smiles:  All is planned out.

He starts.

She climbs higher and higher.

Branches are now thinner and narrower

But she keeps her pace, undaunted.

Squirrel guy is now more cautious.

He is not smiling, never did, the grouch.

She reaches the edge of the branch.

He is waiting;

He is thinking:

“She won’t dare!  She’ll be back to me.”

She jumps to the next tree.

He shakes his head and backtracks.

Men would jump and fall.

They would.  The toxic instinct would.

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