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Chagos islanders lose supreme court bid to return to homeland

Islanders forcibly evicted to make way for US base in Indian Ocean had launched legal challenge to overturn resettlement ban

Chagos islanders, forcibly removed from their homes in 1971, have lost a legal challenge at the supreme court that could have speeded up their return.

In a majority ruling, justices at the UK’s highest court said disclosure of Foreign Office documents assessing a feasibility report on the Chagossians’ return would not have altered the outcome of a House of Lords judgment in 2008.

In 2004, the Chagossians’ right of abode on the British Indian Ocean Territory was denied partially on the basis of a feasibility study suggesting settlement would be prohibitively expensive. An assessment of the drafting of this study, which lawyers for the Chagossians say cast doubt on it, was not presented to the original House of Lords court hearing.

Delivering Wednesday’s judgment, Lord Mance said there was “no probability” that a court would have, if it had seen the papers, made a different decision.

I once met a US military contractor who works on a boat anchored at sea next to Diego Garcia.

You can’t imagine how much money is wasted there. But more importantly, people who lived on the island were removed and have no rights to return.

About 1,500 islanders had been removed in 1971 to make way for the US base on Diego Garcia, the largest island. Under a deal, kept secret at the time, the US agreed to contribute to the costs of establishing the bases and waive the UK’s payments for joint missile development programmes.

A more recent feasibility study by the Foreign Office, carried out in 2014-15, concluded that resettlement was feasible on the islands if Diego Garcia was included.

A further legal challenge by Chagos Islanders over their loss of fishing rights in the Indian Ocean is expected to reach the supreme court next year.

Standing outside the court holding the Chagossian orange, black and blue flag, Louis Oliver Bancoult, who brought the legal challenge, said the ruling was “not the end of the road”.

Bancoult, who was forced into exile along with his family when he was four years old, said: “It’s impossible to accept that other people can live in our birthplace but we can’t. Chagossians will be on Chagos very soon. We want to be allowed to return. We implore the British government to go ahead with the exercise to allow us to go back to our homeland.”

Many of the exiled Chagossian community now live in Crawley, West Sussex.

Richard Gifford, the solicitor who has represented them through a string of legal challenges, said: “Resettlement is perfectly feasible and fervently desired by the Chagossians. Given the acquiescence of the US and the support of Mauritius, this injustice can no longer be sustained.”

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: “We are pleased that the supreme court was clear that additional documents would have not made any difference to the outcome of the case in 2008 and ruled in favour of the UK government.

“We remain committed to our current review of resettlement and will continue to keep parliament, Chagossians and their supporters closely informed of progress on the issue.”

Note: We need a solicitor to work on the UN Resolution 194 for the Palestinians refugees to return to their Homeland

Gigantic Gravity Waves to Mix Summer With Winter?

Wrecked Jet Stream Now Runs From Pole-to-Pole

It’s as if global warming were ringing the Earth’s atmosphere like some great, cacophonous alarm bell.

The upper level zonal winds are swinging wildly from record high positive anomalies to record low negative anomalies. Gravity waves — the kinds of big atmospheric waves that tend to move air from the Tropics all the way to the Poles and are powerful enough to cause the Caribbean Sea to ‘whistle’ in the satellite monitors — are growing larger.

And the Jet Stream now has redefined all boundaries — flowing at times from the East Siberian Sea in the Arctic across the Equator and all the way south to West Antarctica.

Jet Stream Runs from Pole to Pole

(Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream crosses the Equator in this Earth Nullschool screen capture to merge with the Southern Hemisphere Jet Stream.

It’s the very picture of weather weirding due to climate change.

Something that would not tend to happen under normal Holocene climate conditions.

Something, that if it continues on a significant scale, basically threatens seasonal integrity.)


The big trough today begins near the Northern Hemisphere Pole. It pulls Arctic air down over Eastern Siberia and into a Pacific Ocean storm track.

There, a second big dip in the Jet Stream pulls a crazy loop of this upper air flow further south. And here is where things get really weird — for the upper level river of air that began in the Arctic then makes a jump directly across the Equator.

But our story of a wayward Jet Stream doesn’t end there. The upper level air flow that originated near the North Pole joins with a building Southern Hemisphere Jet Stream ridge pattern over the Southeast Pacific.

Feeding into very strong upper level winds, it turns southward into a high amplitude wave that crosses the Horn of South America and slams itself, carrying with it a big pulse of extreme warmth, into the upper level airs over Western Antarctica.

Andrew Bossone shared this link

West Antarctic Heat

(An injection of hot, Summer air from the Northern Hemisphere into Southern Hemisphere Winter appears to have aided in the generation of 8 C above average temperatures over Western Antarctica during June of 2016. Image source: NOAA ESRL.)

A Climate Change-Driven Loss of Seasonal Integrity?

Like many extreme events resulting from human-forced climate change — this co-mingling of upper level airs from one Hemisphere with another is pretty fracking strange. Historically, the Tropics — which produce the tallest and thickest air mass in the world — have served as a mostly impenetrable barrier to upper level winds moving from one Hemisphere to another.

But as the Poles have warmed due to human-forced climate change, the Hemispherical Jet Streams have moved out of the Middle Latitudes more and more. More and more it has invaded regions both within the Polar zone and within the Tropics. Now, it appears that the old dividing lines are so weak that flows of upper level air between Hemispheres can be exchanged.

That’s bad news for seasonality.

Prevention of mixing of air between Hemispheres by the thick, hot tropical air mass is what has generated a strong division between Summer and Winter during the Holocene Climate Epoch.

Erode that boundary and you get more Summer heat spilling over into the Winter zone and vice versa. You get this weather-destabilizing and extreme weather generating mixing of seasons that is all part of a very difficult to deal with ‘Death of Winter’ type scenario. (But more savage rain drops?)

In the very recent past, scientists favored a view that such mixing between Hemispheres was not possible. But recent observations of zonal wind patterns in the Tropics have shown that the zonal winds are now starting to enter periods when they move in concert even as much more powerful than usual atmospheric wave generating patterns are starting to emerge.

The result appears to be really enormous gravity waves that transfer heat from Equator to Pole even as cross Equator upper level air flows are enabled.

(Upper level Equatorial zonal winds moved from record positive anomalies to record negative anomalies within a mere three month timeframe. Extreme variations in these wind patterns can generate very strong gravity waves and result in an increased Equator to Pole propagation of upper air flows. Image source: Sam Lillo.)

All these observations combined point to a very serious concern that Polar warming is flattening the atmospheric slope from Equator to Pole to such an extent that an increasing violation of the Hemisphere to Hemisphere seasonal dividing line may be a new climate change related trend.

And that’s a kind of weather weirding that we are not at all really prepared to deal with.

Grab the Moment (2001)

Work hard and day dream hard.

Study hard and sleep hard.

Enjoy the moment harder and harder.

What is done mildly is a waste of time.

If nothing for everything,

You drank life to the fullest.

If something from nothing,

“Whatever is” is nothing.

The Introduction: Al Moukkaddima of Ibn Khaldoun

Greatest work ever?

“Al Moukkaddima of (Abderrahman Ibn Khaldoun al Hadrami, 1331, 1406)) is, without any doubt, the greatest work that has ever been created by anyone so far, in all times and locations
Arnold Toynbee in his “Study of history, 1935″

From the outside, History looks like a succession of dynasties and political events.
Taking a good look from the inside, history is meant to accede to truth, to explain the causes and origins of the facts.

“History is an independent discipline of philosophy and politics which are branches: the objective of history is to define human civilization and the social, economic and cultural events, taken in their totality, as a system (Ibn Khaldoun)”

Ibn Khladoun lived in a century of calamities: La grande peste qui tua 60% des population en France, Italie, Espagne, England and to a lesser extent in North Africa. C’etait une period de guerrre entre dynasties au Maghreb: Merinides (Maroc), Abdelwadides (Tlemsen, Algerie de L’ouest), Hafsides (Tunis, Bejaja, Biskra, Kairawan, Tripoli…)

Another nomadic influx came from western Sahara, the Almoravides, who expanded under a fundamentalism Islamic ideology and even spread to Andalusia.

What are the kinds of injustices committed by the power-to-be?

1. Speculation in trade of real estates

2. Force others to work for cheap

3. Imposing illegal taxes, mainly in indirect transactions

4. Not respecting the laws imposed on all the subjects

5. Confiscation of properties

Any law that hordes the surplus of production will quickly destroy the security and stability of a society.

All these injustices are mainly committed to satisfy the luxury standard of living of the powerful clans.

The inequalities observed in crumbling regimes are characteristics of the following processes:

1. Les etats rentiers sont caracterises par une forte concentration du pouvoir.
Le veritable noblesse de base n’appartient qu’a ceux qui ont l’esprit de clan.
les revenus des butins sont difficiles a distinguer parmi le souverain et la classe de nobless.

2. Les gains des commercants and artisans sont proportionelles aux capitaux investis. Les pratiques des classes aux pouvoirs sont de confisquees les resources qui ont degagees des surplus economiques: les prix sont administers, les taxes multiplies, et les douanes eleves

3. Ceux qui n’ont rien a gagner ou a perdre (paysans qui ont abandonnes leurs terre, petits artisans…) subissent de plein fouet toutes les pratiques rentieres et la famine est generalise. Les gens se disperssent pour trouver de quoi vivre a l’etranger

4. Le rapport economique entre campagnes et villes est ponctionne par les differentes composants de l’ économie citadine. Pour les Bedouins, leur seul espoir est d’obeir aux gens des villes

5. Dans une ville, l’inegale distribution des richesses divise les classes, et les classes les plus pauvres tendent a physiquement survivre du minimum. La cause est que la classe gouvernante delapide la richesse a des fins improductives. Toute classe sociale exerce le pouvoir sur les classes qui lui sont inferieures.

6. Donc, la puissance politiques du souverain depend du niveau des richesses produites par le travail de l’homme et des conditions de leur repartition.

7. Al Assabiyya (cohesion) des tribues se deteriore avec le declin economique .

Quand l’economie decline et le souverain (avec sa classe de clans au pouvoir) recourent a la force comme seul moyen

“Le peuple prend peur, devient deprime, cherche protection contre le souverain en recourant au mensonge, le ruse, la fraude. Cela influe sur le caractere des sujets qui se gate…

Le peuple abandonent leur roi  sur les champs de batailles et s’abstiennent de le soutenir dans ses entreprises defensives…”

La politique rationnelle fonde un system de moderateur or regulateur qui a engender 2 type de systems after l’Islam:

Type 1 est le califat qui tient compte du public avant l’interet de l’administration. Il dirige les gens selon la loi divine and entend preserver la foi. Seulement la loi divine rend le califat necessaire. Les clans qui n’etaient pas de Koreiche etaient excludes du califat.

Type 2: L’interet du monarque et ses clans devient priorite . Le monarque est l’objectif naturel de l’esprit de corps

L’Introduction fut la base de nombreuse disciples comme l’economie politique, sociologie, psychologie sociale, urbanism…

Note 1: Ibn Khaldoun (1332-1406) was born in current Tunisia and died in Cairo. Written by Smail Goumeziane (former Algeria minister of Commerce (1989-1991)

Note 2: Ibn Khladoun got immersed in politics for 3 decades in the many kingdoms in current Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Grenada and witnessed all kinds of coup d’ états, persecutions and exiles. He served as Chamberlin, Grand vizir, grand Judge (cadi) and all kinds of positions. he even served as lead negotiator with Tamerlan who was besieging Damascus. He stayed with Tamerlan for 7 months and eventually this butcher reneged on the promises and entered Damascus, massacred the population and displaced its artisans to Samarkand.

Ibn Khaldoun claimed to be originally from a Hilal tribe in Hardramout (current Yemen, close to the borders with Oman). He was part of the Dawawida tribe in Biskra, from which he hired mercenaries to various sultans.

He managed to get away from politics in 1372 and lived in the fortress of Beni Salama in order to write Al Mokaddama. Prior to that date, he published Ta3rif (autobiography),  Kitab Al 3ibar (Universal History), and commentaries on Al Busiri, Ibn Ruchd (Averroes) and the poet Ibn Khattib, and manuscripts on logic and arithmetics.

He travelled to Egypt in 1382 in order to join the caravan heading to the pilgrimage to Mecca and missed it. Thus, he ended up in Cairo.

In 1385, his wife and 5 daughters drowned before reaching Alexandria. His 2 other sons were Not in the convoy and met him a few months later.




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