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Instagram of Beirut

 Jason Lemon

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When you walk Beirut’s streets on a daily basis, you often stop seeing the individual pieces.

Lebanese photographer Serge Najjar can help you with that. His incredible and unique vignettes of Beirut transform elements of the city into geometric masterpieces.

Scrolling through his Instagram feed feels more like wowing your senses with colorful abstract art than scanning architectural photographs.

A finance lawyer, Najjar picked up photography at the urging of his mother. Since than it has become his passion and he has built a massive fan base on Instagram.

“Beirut is a wonderful place for an architectural freak like me,” he told Wired. “Construction has been booming since the end of civil war and the country has a rich variety of buildings.”

Here are some of our favorite images.

I learned (2002)

1.   I learned from Life that

Assuming is but the intention to work less.

You know the drill:

No work, no sweat, no gain.


2.   I learned from Life that

Expecting but not acting on a plan

Is a day dreaming wish.

You know the drill:  No work, no sweat, and no gain.


3.   I learned from Life that

Acting but not expecting success is

A long journey

To sweatshop misery.


4.   I learned from Life

The best drill of all:

Plan, act and expect success.

Success is on hand, and more.


I learned from life that

Success is good:

Success comes in drove,

In different shapes and forms.




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