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Bill Gates: World’s Richest Man Enters the Cannabis Industry

Posted on: July 12, 2016

World’s Richest Man Enters the Cannabis Industry

By Benjamin Adams

With a net worth of 81.1 billion dollars, you can do whatever you want- and that’s precisely what Bill Gates is doing by investing in the cannabis industry.

Bill Gates is proud to announce that Microsoft has partnered with KIND Financial to provide a seed-to-sale tracking system. The partnership will create ATM-like kiosks and a way for cannabis collectives to deal in cash without risking their lives.

Four years ago, Bill Gates voted ‘Yes’ in favor of recreational marijuana in the form of Initiative 502 in his home state of Washington.

“It’s an experiment, and it’s probably good to have a couple states try it out to see before you make that national policy,” he said at the time. “Can they keep it out of minors’ hands? Will it reduce alcohol consumption? Are there some people who use it at levels you might think of as inappropriate? Will drug gangs make less money?”

Government workers will be the first to use Bill Gates new cloud software, Azure.

”KIND Financial is building solutions on our government cloud to help these agencies regulate and monitor controlled substances and items, and manage compliance with jurisdictional laws and regulations,” a representative of Microsoft told the Independent.

By sending the new software straight to government workers, he’s working from the inside out.

This definitely isn’t the first time Bill Gates has made a stand surrounding pot legalization.

Everybody who works for Microsoft knows that they don’t drug test– unlike the majority of major companies in the United States.

“We do think there will be significant growth [in the marijuana business],” Kimberly Nelson, Microsoft’s executive director for state and local government solutions, told The New York Times. “As the industry is regulated, there will be more transactions, and we believe there will be more sophisticated requirements and tools down the road.”

This make Microsoft the first multinational business in the world to embrace cannabis and the potential behind it.

Bill Gates experimented with cannabis while a student at Harvard. “I don’t think I was unusual in any of those dimensions, plus or minus,” he said in 1991.

A 1994 book Gates: How Microsoft’s Mogul Reinvented an Industry—and Made Himself the Richest Man in America reveals all. “Marijuana was the pharmaceutical of choice, but in [roommate Sam] Znaimer’s words, ‘on a couple of well-planned isolated occasions we’d go off to the country and spend time contemplating the universe’,” reporters Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews wrote.

In 1977 Gates was pulled over, searched and arrested but no record containing the specifics has ever been found. It is widely assumed that Gates was either arrested for a DUI or for the possession of a controlled substance. It may remain a mystery forever.

In 1992, Gates allegedly broke up with his girlfriend and former employee Stephanie Reichel in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. It’s safe to say that he’s a pot smoker.

It is good that people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs experimented with soft drugs like cannabis- if they hadn’t, we might have never gone as far as we have with programming.


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Reblogged this on canisgallicus and commented:
Yes, they (Gates/Jobs) experimented with soft drugs like cannabis but they must be two fortunate people who were not susceptible to a trigger that starts up bipolar/schizophrenia or psychosis. This could be a great success but it is imperative that our education system at every level makes young people aware that some people are susceptible to mental health problems, which are lifelong. Education is essential. Bill Gates being worth 81 billion dollars must act with the responsibility that being part of the elitist 1% bestows on him.

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