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Wireless Augmented Ear: Marketing price evaluation sheet

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Wireless Augmented Ear: Marketing price evaluation sheet

You have an augmented ear device that provides capabilities over and above what normal ear can deliver.

Suppose that you have a transparent membrane that fits and envelop your ear with the following capabilities:

1. It allows you to hear a barely audible cable channel as if the volume was set above normal. What price are you willing to pay for just this capability?

2. If it allows you to clearly hear what a couple is whispering 5 meters away? What’s your price?

3. If it reduces the decibel of a concert from over 110 to below 80 and permit you to clearly hear the lyrics of the band. What is your price?

4. If a tiny micro is attached to the membrane that does Not touches any part of your ear and a tiny antenna provides a wireless facility to your iPhone… (No more dangling of  ear plug wires)… What is your price?

Now this device is manufactured, and you are asked to demonstrate its quality. The quality is pretty good.

5. What are you willing to pay over and above your previous estimate in Q #1 before you tried the device?

6. Same question as with Q #2

7. same question as with Q #3

8. Same with Q #4

9. This device now spans all 4 facilities and capabilities: What is the price you are willing to pay?

10. If the company market he device $30 dollar more than your willing price in Q #9, would you still buy it?

11. If the price is $90 more, would you still buy it? Yes… No

12. You enjoyed this device for a full 3-months, and a competitor is now selling it $90 less with equal quality, would you feel cheated out?  Yes…. No

13. Do you think that it was worth paying the additional $90 before the price dropped? Yes… No


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