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 Media conglomerates owned by multinationals:
What freedom of expressions are we talking about?
Their means to kill any form of media independence
Médias: oligarchs go shopping

Today, RSF is publishing a report on the growing stranglehold of a few businessmen on media outlets all over the world. The word “oligarchs” adequately describes those who purchase newspapers, magazines and TV channels on a global scale.

China, France, Russia, even the US – no country, no continent can escape the insatiable appetite of these media moguls, many of whom regularly use their media purchases to serve their economic and political interests.

Discover RSF’s uncompromising report today, share our campaign photos on social media and join RSF’s fight for the freedom and independence of information.

Muslim cleric Gülen recognizes Armenian genocide: letter

The letter shows that the Muslim cleric, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, recognizes the 1915-1916 killings as genocide

Yeni Şafak, April 11, 2015

A letter, penned by U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gülen nearly 50 years ago, has revealed the Muslim cleric recognizes the 1915-1916 killings as genocide; a claim Armenia defends.

“…I can not continue without condemning the genocide perpetrated against Armenians in 1915. I commemorate the victims of Genocide with a deep respect,” said Gülen in the letter written to Archbishop Shinork Kalusyan, the former Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul on May 6,1965.

“I condemn with indignation and abhorrence the massacre of children of your great Prophet Jesus Christ by some ignorant people who think they are Muslim.”

Gülen was serving as a preacher in Kırklareli when he penned these lines to Kalusyan.

“Inter-faith dialogue” dates back to 1960s

His expressions in the letter have indicated that Gülen sowed seeds of his project to promote inter-faith dialogue in the 1960s.

“All nations and people are actually brothers and sisters because the grandmother of all of us is Eve and the grandfather is Adam. Man is mortal. Living as brothers is a need,” he said.

“All the monotheistic religions recommend people to be kind and forgiving. The principles of Judaism and Christianity are pretty similar. Prophet Abraham is the grandfather for all the great people that we call Prophets, who established monotheistic religions,” he said.

“It is actually immodest that people are taking a hostile stance to each other by mentioning differences in religion and nationality,” he explained.

“Your being in this position as a representative of Jesus who always orders people to be kind and tolerance is a great honor for me and my Muslim realm.”

“Your being in this position of always having tolerance for people and having orders others to perform favors as being a representative of Jesus is an honor for me and my Muslim realm.”

During World War I, the Ottoman rule deported hundreds of thousands of Armenians in Anatolia to present-day Syria in 1915-16. As a result, an unknown number of people were killed in civil strife or died from starvation.

Armenians living in the homeland and in the Diaspora call this event a “genocide”, whereas Turkey denies the deaths constituted genocide, saying those killed were victims of civil war and unrest.

The 1915 events remain a highly sensitive issue in the history of Turkey and Armenia.

In a historic move in 2014, President Erdoğan, who was serving as prime minister, extended Turkey’s condolences to the grandchildren of Armenians who had lost their lives in 1915.

Although his statement was widely welcomed by Europe and Armenians living in Turkey, Yerevan has remained unsatisfied.

“Happiness is Not my job” April 27, 2010

Am I a redundant citizen?

So far, I was not killed in wars,

Civil wars, earthquakes, or road kill.

What now? What am I to do with my life?


Years ahead of me undulating

Unlimited sea to the pelican;

Is my future already traced

A duck drawn on a class board?


Am I to express my dreams in whisper

And groping around

Or am I to let my dreams run down

Rubber liquid, glue seeping off equatorial trees?


I am a crackling wall, I am crumbling

Masons, builders fetch a stone

Prop me up quick

Glacier warming up, cliffing;

Let in virgin forest fresh air

My chest is compressed, poisoned in filth and despair;


I wish badly my many motherlands

Turnover as fast as nude dancers;

Crows swooping away

A pair of wings for a kingdom

I want to visit the dying

I want to turn time around

A child carelessly putting fire to his world


Years passed by

Didn’t play with a toy

Didn’t grab a blanket

Didn’t cry for a shattered land.

Note:  A few images borrowed from the late Syrian poet Mohammad al Maghout.




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