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Hiroshima is my City like

Posted on: July 27, 2016

Hiroshima is my City like March 26, 2010 

You don’t want to approach Hiroshima.

You don’t need to visit my city like:

You touch a wall

You turn a rock.

What do you care of my city?

You will see but flies and road holes.

The only living friend

Is my gigantic boredom.

What should you care of my city like?

It was captured many times by hordes of Moguls and Tatars.

Every adventurer who set eyes on my city

Ended up suicidal.

Be careful my ignorant tourist.

Keep a distance of its broken columns,

Its hundred stone idols.

My heart is same as my closed-in city

Moonlight apprehends visiting it.

My heart is wet, a wet traveling kerchief,

A bird, for centuries lost in down pouring rain,

An empty bottle harassed on ocean waves.

Keep away from Hiroshima.

Tis no time turning a block of salt.

Note: An Arabic poem extracted with abridged liberty from the late Syrian poet Nizar Kabbany. Kabbany passed away before witnessing the calamities befalling Syria and its cities

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