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Launching Maku on Kickstarter: Cool sandals?

Posted on: August 30, 2016

Launching Maku on Kickstarter:  Cool sandals?


  1. Perfect fit: The 3 straps are individually adjustable thanks to the proprietary Maku RedLink™ fastening system
  2. Respect toe natural spacing: Custom-built straps compress between your toes without separating them
  3. Cotton feel: Gentle on the skin for all-day comfort
  4. Shock absorbent: Without introducing bulk or compromising on ground-feel
  5. Hug your heel: The deep heel-guard protects your heels and keeps them clean
  6. Four ways flexible: Respects the natural movement of the foot, decreasing foot fatigue for all-day comfort
  7. Puncture resistant sole
  8. Griping sole: Less trip-ups and more stability with a grip that’s perfectly balanced for city streets, wet surfaces, and light trails
Back in 2009, I thought that going barefoot would solve my knee pain. It didn’t, but something unexpected happened. Back then, I had made myself sandals to run in but ended up wearing them more than all my other shoes.
I wore them almost everyday until they broke.
That’s when I decided to buy something similar. This was very frustrating because what I found either felt like cardboard or was bulky or unrefined. So I made my 2nd pair, improving the design and durability. This same story repeats 37 times!
At some point I had made a pair of sandals for my partner Hanane, and we’d wear them almost everywhere. People were regularly coming up to us on the street asking us where we got them from. It was obvious that there was something special about these sandals.
We began accepting orders, and had people buying them across 4 continents. That started a long process of “get real-world feedback, improve, repeat.”
With every upgrade, we wanted the best materials so the sandals would be even more comfortable and durable.
5 years and 37 tries later, we finally had it right. So right in fact, that as soon as we sold 50 pairs, a hundred more lined up.
With each pair taking us 4 hours to make by hand, we knew we had to find a better way to bring Makus to the world.
And that’s why we’re here today, reaching out to you.
Launching a Kickstarter campaign will help us deliver the unmatched quality, comfort, and design of Maku sandals to you and to the world.
We love our Makus, and we hope that you want your own Makus as well. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us! William Choukeir

After years of pouring our hearts into designing and creating these cool sandals, we’re really excited to only be days away from launching Maku on Kickstarter.

We never intended to make a business out of them, but people have been loving them so much that we couldn’t resist (anymore). With your support, what was once limited to a very narrow circle can finally be something that people around the world can enjoy. We’ll be sure to let you know when we’re live on Kickstarter.

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The Maku team (William Choukeir, Hanane Kai, David el Achkar)
(David, Hanane, William)

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That’s a question we get asked often. It’s not just all the little things that make them what they are. It’s that those who try them often end up wearing them more than anything else. For us, this says a lot!– Hanane & Will
Maku's photo.
'PERFECT FIT The 3 straps are individually adjustable thanks to the proprietary Maku RedLink™ fastening system'
Maku's photo.
Nadim Sioufi. Interior Designer, Canada, was the first one to wear Maku

I have very sensitive feet and was concerned about irritation before getting my Makus. But when I started wearing them, I was extremely pleased and realized how comfortable they are.

I run, dance, sail, and exercise in them, on land, rocks, sand, and salty water. My Makus follow me everywhere.

They ‘ve been through two Wicker Park festivals, several Greek Islands, the Turkish and Italian coastline, the Montreal summer, and more! I like to experiment a lot with fashion, and have enjoyed wearing them with everything from jeans to Japanese Hakama.

Kristyan Sarkis. Award winning type designer, Amsterdam. Second person to wear Maku

Before my first pair of Makus, I had never worn sandals because I didn’t find them comfortable or good looking. And today, I use my Makus for everything: walking, biking, hiking, etc. What’s funny, is that when I used to wear ‘high tech’ shoes, my feet would get tired only after a few hours. With my Makus I can walk all day and my feet still feel fresh.

Romy Assouad. Entrepreneur & Dancer, Beirut. 22nd person to wear Maku

On a trip to Brazil, after a long day of walking, when all my friends were complaining about their feet hurting, my feet still felt fresh and free. I was surprised by how comfortable my Makus were, as opposed to the common feeling of tightness and hotness at the end of a long day.

Note: William is my nephew and living in the same building. And he didn’t make me a Maku to try out since 2009.



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