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What do know about Aleppo?

Nabih Bulos

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson had some trouble recognizing the name of a major Syrian city on Thursday. “What is Aleppo?” he asked in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” (In his defense, he claimed that he thought it was an acronym.)

1. What is Aleppo?

It’s one of the oldest cities in the world, located in Syria’s north.

It’s situated between the Mediterranean Sea and what was once known as Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. (Aleppo is also the name of the surrounding province.)

2. It’s got a rich history.

Aleppo has been an important trading center since the 2nd millennium B.C. and was a node on the Silk Road.

Gary Johnson may never have heard of the city, but Shakespeare did back in the early 17th century. In “Macbeth,” one of the witches torments a sailor’s wife, whose “husband’s to Aleppo gone.”

3. In modern times, Aleppo was Syria’s largest city.

More than 2 million people lived there when the 2004 census was taken.

It was also the pride of Syrian industry.

Large factories produced everything there from textiles to processed gold to laurel soap, all of which would fill markets in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and elsewhere. (Syria was debt free for over 3 decades: colonial Europe could Not suffer this financial autonomy))

It was a tourist draw as well. Travelers meandering through the pedestrian walkways of the souk — the city’s medieval marketplace — would look up to take in the grandeur of its mighty citadel, then take a break to experience Aleppo’s food, a melange of Levantine cuisine sprinkled with Turkish, Persian and Armenian influence.

Andrew Bossone shared this link

Thank you. Because I previously only thought it would be disatrous if people took the libertarian party seriously, let alone its candidate for president.

4. It’s a major flashpoint of the Syrian war.

Although the city resisted being drawn into the Syrian uprising when it began in 2011, opposition forces advanced into the towns and villages around it and eventually breached the city itself in July 2012.

By 2013, the government and the opposition were locked in a stalemate. The opposition held the east, and the government controlled the west.

Since then, each side has repeatedly tried to oust the other from the city, with varying degrees of success.

5. It’s hard to say how many people live there now.

The U.N. says there are more than 1.5 million people in government-controlled neighborhoods. On the east side, accurate figures are harder to come by, but the area is thought to hold up to 200,000 people. Some opposition activists say the number is 300,000.

6. The city has become a symbol for Syria’s suffering.

Russian and Syrian warplanes pound the rebel side, leaving hundreds dead and wounded just in the last month. Meanwhile, the opposition hurls thousands of repurposed gas canisters and home-made mortars from “hell cannons” and other weapons. (And chemical bombs too?)

In August alone, 218 civilians were killed as a result of government airstrikes on opposition-controlled neighborhoods, according to the pro-opposition watchdog group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Rebel bombardment also killed 178 civilians in government-held areas in August, the group said.

7. No, it’s not the capital of the self-declared Islamic State.

(That would be Raqqah).

Yes, the former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, did call Aleppo that.

Islamic State fighters are not in the city of Aleppo, but there is a confederation of Islamist and so-called moderate, Western-supported rebels fighting against pro-government forces there.

8. Aleppo is now in the center of a diplomatic duel between the U.S. and Russia.

Again, the fate of the city takes on an outsize importance in regional affairs.

A breakthrough there, world powers hope, will usher in a larger ceasefire and present a path toward resolving the five-year Syrian civil war, which has killed hundreds of thousands (the U.N. stopped counting a few years ago), ravaged the country and spurred a global refugee crisis.

Note 1: Turkey’s plan is to re-distribute the Syrian population. The Syrian Moslem brotherhood are shipped from the city of Edleb (on the border with Turkey) to North Syria to form a buffer zone with the kurds. There will be no end to the plight of these Syrians belonging to Al Nusra ideology

Note 2: There are a few historians who compare current Syria with Syria during the 11th century: Damascus was the center of power for the Sunnis against Aleppo that was mostly in the hands of the rebel sects (karamitah, shia, minority sects…).
If the Syrian government win this worldwide war against it, that would be proof enough that the Sunnis in Damascus are against the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood movement, attached to Turkey and following its orders.
Likewise, the Sunnis in the western part of Aleppo who want to be part of a unified Syrian nation, regardless of the current regime. Actually, the regime is different from the one before 2011.

Note 3: Over 350,000 mercenaries were dispatched into Syria since 2011. Turkey, Saudi Kingdom and Europe sent 25,000 each. The weapons came from the fallen Libyan State and Saudi Kingdom, q1atar and the Gulf Emirates bought weapons from the USA, England, France and Germany to sustain this destabilizing plan on the Syrian people.

Note 4: East Aleppo is currently totally surrounded by the Syrian troops and a political settlement is being worked out to withdraw the rebels fighters outside Aleppo.

FB comments. Part 4

Lately, I’ve been reading for you. Sharing the gems, mostly the funny ones, or their edited versions

Why the most brutal of Olympics sport, the boxing, doesn’t have sensors to scoring as Tak Wan Dou? The 3 judges role would be to add a few points on fitness and techniques on the sky rocketing total score.

For the non-professionals, beside the kimono outfit, what the difference between judo and wrestling?

For the non-professionals, what the difference between Taek Wan Dou and kangaroo fights?

Did the CIA and the Zionist lobby in Washington decided to elect a half Black American for the Presidency in order to blackmail him for further engagement in the Middle-East? Particularly, fomenting a civil war in Syria? I the his first tenure, Obama was the stooge and slave in both the internal and external policies. In the second tenure, he managed to break out in policies related to Iran, and has now decided to end his presidency by disengaging in Yemen and Syria.

Very funny. The US is threatening to get engaged deeper in Syria, after the Syrian airforce repelled the Kurds attacks in Hassakeh this week.
As if no one knows that it was the US (leader of the coalition of Israel and England) planned and initiated the dismantling of Syria, years before 2011.

Every potential criminal (mostly the politicians) repeat the credo: I trust our justice system.
The proble is that In Lebanon, the judges and the lawyers repeats: Please, do Not trust us. We are politically controlled and guided in our decisions.
The communication, the waste management, the oil import, the… have tons of legal cases that have never been opened

Why don’t we erect a bureaucracy before success?
Except State bureaucracy that has never demonstrated much success for its usefulness?
we erect a bureaucracy around that success, because keeping success from going away is viewed as a basic need?
Preserving the status quo is the ultimate of success stories

Have you watched a few volley ball games in this Olympics? The way players growl, a victory wide opened mouth, at every successful blow…
Male gorillas are no match in these growling competitions, no matter how their teeth are longer.
Italy won against the Anderson, Russel, Holt and Sander…

Julie Dib: Olympcs young Lebanese referee for Taek Yon Dou

Jarablous, 7assakeh, tel 3afreen, Aleppo… Any one believe that Turkey, after the failed US initiated military coup, has a different strategy in northern Syria?

The USA is far richer than Russia and yet, Iran didn’t bow down for many decades. Why would Iran give up on its sovereignty with this poorer partner?
These flurry of articles trying to turn the western propaganda into a distorted story in the Syrian conflict and claiming that the evil axe is in the Iran?Russdia cooperation

Meen nasheet ma wa2a3 bi fakh ya Saber Riba3i? Ta7eyati li2annaka as3ad al falestini. Mounnassek labess al zayy al esraeli ma bi daye3 7atta wa en kana falastini wa derzi kaman (mad3oum min Walid).
Basita soura min ajel 7aflat fi Falestine

If they were just cheese eaters, kenna fhemna. Jama3a ma fihon 3ezla3o al jebneh ella ma3 Champagne. New rich motkhameh

All the superpower support cannot overcome the will of the regional powers to deny the Kurds an independent State.
The Kurds will Not get much of their rights until the bordering countries (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria) open their borders as a free market and free movement of people.
The Syrian Kurds are re-deplying to the easter shores of the Euphrates, by order of the USA.
And those who fell to capture Manbej ra7o frata

How do you know a people didn’t yet reach the sovereignty status?
When a occupying force enters, some will claim: We recaptured our sovereignty.
When the occupying force withdraw, they say: We lost our sovereignty.
What is so complicated to comprehend that an occupying force is the occupier?
France accepted the German Nazi occupation
Lebanon welcomed the existential enemy Israel as a liberator from Palestine Arafat
Turkey entered Jarablus in Syria and some Syrians are claiming: Turkey is aiding us recapture our sovereignty from Da3esh…
How that is so complicated to fathom?
An occupying force is the occupier, stupid

Imperialism is different from colonialism: Imperial powers snatch colonies from the colonial powers, on the basis that the colonial power defaulted on its foreign debt. That was the case of the USA toward Spain: The USA militarily occupied Cuba, Porto Rico, many other islands, and later the Philippines. The current imperialism dominate the world by using other states money to lend money via the World Bank and the IMF that the USA controls, using worthless paper dollars.

Electing Michel 3aoun is Not a local matter: Israel has a major veto power on any one allying with Hezbollah.
Since the Saudi Kingdom is a major ally to Israel, Al Moustakbal is running out of all lame excuses to electing Aoun, save being branded a close friend to and partner with Israel projects in Lebanon

Lebanese Movie directors (late and current): Jordano Pidutti (1932, Les aventures d’Elias Mabrouk), Herta Gargour (1933, Dans les ruines de Baalbek), Karam Boustani and Julio de Luca and Georges Costi, Ali al -Aris (Kawkab, princesse du desert), Georges Nassar (Ila Ayn?), Mohamed Selman (Bonjour l’amour), Taysir Abboud, Gary Garabedian, Christian Ghazi, Henry barakat, Youssef Maaluf, Samir Nasri, Antoine Remi, Georges Chamchoun, Samir Khoury, Samir el Ghoussayni, Borhane Alawiyyeh, Joselyne Saab, Jean Cham3oun, Joseph Fares, Randa Chahal Sabbagh, Maroun Baghdadi, Samir Habchi, Jean-Claude Codsi, Bahij Hojeij, Ghassan Salhab, Khalil and Joanna Jreige, Philip Aractingi, Elie Khalifeh, Hany Tamba, Hadj Zaccak, Danielle Arbid, Nadine Labaki

Lebanese Co-producers in the USA and Europe: Mario Kassar, Silvio Tabet, Gabriel Boustani, Elie Sama7a, Marie-Therese Arida, Georges Choukair

Lebanese Compositeurs/Musiciens (late and current): Wadi3 Sabra (Conservatoire nationale, 1929), Halim el Roumi, Toufi2 el Bacha, The Rahbani, Zaki Nassif, Filimon Wehbeh, Wadi3 al Safi, Antoine and George Farah, Ahmad and Mo Fleifel, Marcel Khalifeh, Charbel Rouhana, Nida2 abu Mrad, Habib Yammin, Toufi2 Succar, Walid Gholmieh (C N 1999) Boghos Gelalian, Guy Sacre, Setrak Setrakian, George baz, Bertrand Robillars, Walid Akl, Abdel rahman el bacha, Henry Goreieb, Anis Fuleihan, Naji Hakim, Walid Hourani, Bchara Khoury, Mona Ahdab, Ibrahim Maaluf, Rabi3 abu Khalil, Rita Ghosn, Zad moultaka, Khaled mzannar, Ziad rahbani, Wassim Soubra, Bushra el Turk, Ghabriel Yared,

Turkey’s plan is to re-distribute the Syrian population. The Syrian Moslem brotherhood are shipped to North Syria to form a buffer zone with the kurds.
There will be no end to the plight of these Syrians belonging to Al Nusra ideology

There are a few historians who compare current Syria with Syria during the 11th century: Damascus was the center of power for the Sunnis against Aleppo that was mostly in the hands of the rebel sects (karamitah, minority sects…).
If the Syrian regime win this worldwide war against it, that would be proof enough that the Sunnis in Damascus are against the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood movement, attached to Turkey and following its orders.
Likewise, the Sunnis in the western part of Aleppo who want to be part of a unified Syrian nation, regardless of the current regime (or more correct, the regime before 2011)

Ana betnaffass 7orriyeh? Currently, There is no place on earth where you can go and get a breath freedom.
All the rules and laws are meant for the average and lower classes Not breath freely.
Only the richest of classes are breathing far more than freedom: No rules, regulations or civil laws practically apply to them.
We are the mere chattel in all nations, including those very active and propagating their false democracies and liberty of opinions and expressions

USA national anthem celebrates the murder of slaves?
“So when Key penned “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” he was taking great satisfaction in the death of slaves who’d freed themselves. His perspective may have been affected by the fact he owned several slaves himself.”

You don’t want to be re-incarnated a female shark: Most of them die from deep bites inflicted by male sharks during copulation and they cannot recover because they fast an entire year during the gestation. They give birth to a single baby shark that is ready to shark on him own and doesn’t need his mother at all. Why a single shark baby? The first baby shark in the womb eats all the other baby sharks and eggs.

I scrolled all the Lebanese channels yesterday afternoon. They were covering Nabih Berry speech in Tyr. Question: 1. Did kabeer al 3a2elat uncover more details on Moussa Sadr dis-appearance? 2. Did he give details on the 17,000 Lebanese listed as dis-appeared during the civil war?

Do Not give much weight to Erdogan speeches meant for internal audiences. Ditto for Kerry pronouncements. Pay attention to Turkey PM, Iran foreign minister and Putin silence. Ditto, Israel silence on Turkey current military incursion into Syria.

Ces 40 annees de guerre civil et occupation etrangeres ont enfoncees la carotte entre les fesses des libanais (males et femelles). Kellon ye3nneh kellon. Retirer leur la carotte et ils reviendront tous Mahdoumine

Les guerres une fois commences, ne finissent jamais. C’est le mantra de USA: ils ne finissent jamais les guerres qu’ils commencent. And the war in Syria is meant, planned and designed to be indefinite

Je croyais que la famine ne frappait que les pauvres gens. Et si le bien reside dans le labour des pauvres gens?

La maniere la plus frequente qu’ont les hommes d’etre constants: Songer frequement a celle qu’on est infidel avec. Et vice versa.

A un certain age, a prendre trop souvent le chemin du cimetiere, chacun se demande quand viendra son tour.

Le combat a mort du legiste et du baron. Et si touts les legistes se croient des barons? Ils trouveraient quelques legistes qui’ils ne croivent pas avoir le status politique d’un baron pour continuer la lute

The attitude of the bourgeois to the institutions of His regime is like that of the Jew to the law: He evades the laws wherever it is possible to do so in each individual case, but he wants everybody else to observe the laws. (Marxs, 1845)

Do you believe that enlightened self-interest is capable of mimicking morality? (such as justice and honesty?)

Recognized ills in a profession are good enough incentives to seek mutual protection from those ills, on the basis of temporary sacrifices. Tacit convention among the members of same profession.

Et si al mer sélevait? Le fleuve serait toujours fidele a sa source en creant des etangs. Dans notre cas, des etangs d’ordure.

J’ai plusieur carnets d’adresses qui correspondent a une tranche de vie. Toutes ces addresses sont desuetes et valent plus rien: Une memoire d’un passé mort, que l’espoir endommage de plus en plus.

Reading? From now on, reading is a means to generate ideas. To spread and share ideas that I can identify with

Est-il trop tard pour revenir en arriere? L’idee ne vient pas qu’on puisse revenir en arriere? Les choses doivent suivre leur cours? Et on blame le Maktoub parcequ’on n’a pas ete elever pour reflechir et agir comme un etre libre

La Mediterrannee? La plus ancienne, la plus riche and plus versatile des civilizations. La Globalization a enfermee notre civilization et on etouffe. C’est entre notre civilization et la globalization que le clash des civilization se joue. Meme L’Europe du sud et de l ést en souffre: L’immigration massive des refugies, le ralenti economic et la contribution des Etats Europeens a supporter les exactions de USA ne rendent pas la tache facile

L’ identite se construit au fil du temps dans un contact permanent avec autrui? Et si ce contact est coupe et n’ existe plus? Comment prendre conscience d’ une identite plus large et humaniste?

Debats sur les questions essentielles qui se deroulent sans violence? Ce n’ est pas dans l’interet de USA: Elle veut des elections precipites pour que les parties politiques au Moyen Orient n’ eussent pas ce privilege.

Les panteres peuvent etre apprivoiser? En les norrissant proprement? Comme les prisoniers qui savent leur droits. Le pire est de relacher les panthers et les prisoniers qui sont blesses avant de les avoir traites

The idea that “I will comply with the tax code, if and only if I can be sure that others comply” requires a high level of transparent information about the tax obligations of others and the extent to which they are meeting them. In Lebanon, the TVA is simply targeting the honest productive citizens, with a sharp two-sided sword, including faked errors to intimidate the honest payers. And productivity is suffering.

A Minister who wants to be protected in the future of wrong doings, would see to it that former ministers are like-wise protected. And that’s the main job of Nabih Berry to sustain this archaic thieving political system.

In a proper democratic system, the minorities must have a sense that the election laws have the potential to allow them to become majority. Thus, the minority parties will preserve this hope to exercise the same rights of the current majority. Consequently, the rights of the majority that the minority criticizes are basically politically selected by the second powerful minority party.

Ruling by a simple majority leaves the rest of the community in deserved suspicion that the majority will rig the next election laws in their favour. Unless the majority must earn its power by at least 5% difference from the second party that will Not scare it off into drastic election law reforms.

Ruling by a simple arithmetic proportional law has proven to lead to gridlock as in most European governing systems. Some kinds of a cascading discrete levels of permitted proportions must be  carefully studied.

Out of the blue. C’ est toute une affaire, quand on pense en abstraction. Ce qui ne peut se realiser qu’ en un siècle, est boucle en 2 heures, avant de plonger dans un profound sommeil

Jewish lobbies? Zionist lobbies? They know how to take media advantages for false “prouesses” . They don’t affect significantly the decisions of the USA or the powerful European nations who like these lame excuses in order to execute their dirty plans in the Near-east with Impunity. If these heinous lobbies generate their funds from their own members, I might give them credit for their zeal: Their funds are part of the budget of these foreign states

Le monde arabo-musulman a besoin d’ une analyse profonde de sa situation precaire?  Quel monde au juste? Qui va faire cette analyse fameuse? Qui va lire cette analyse majestueuse? Qui va prendre le risk d’executer une seule de ses centaines de recommendations, pour une duree d’ au moin un mois?

Chaque individu a des appartenance multiple: Religion, sect, ses langues, tribue, nation, province, education, voyage, statu financier, urbain/rural, famille (large, petite, eparpillee…) C’ est bien si chaque citoyen peut assumer ses appurtenance multiple. Ce qui est necessaire c’ est que les parties politiques et institutions (public et privees) exhibe ces multiple identitees. I y aura des dechrement pour tout etre, meme les plus informes, mais au moin que le potential d’education est mis en marche.

Comment avant a pendant les contractions la mere peut utiliser les ballons, les baignoire et les exercices recommendees a l’ hospital… pour aider le bebe a trouver plus vite la voie de sortie… avec tous ces machines, tubes, aiguilles moniteurs.. qu’ elle doit charier?

C’ est l’ absence de sens de ce que l’ on vit au moment ou on le vit qui multiplie les possibilities d’ ecriture. L’ etrange irrealite que que revet, des annees après, ce qui est arrive.

“Nous avons l’ Art pour ne point mourir de la Verite” Nietzche

Carnet de notes: Anglais: Parle beaucoup. Pas un mot d’ anglais. Technologie: N’ a rien fait. Rien rendu. Arts plastiques: Dessine partout, sauf en classe d’ arts. Math: Manqué de bases. Conclusion: Ne doit pas se decourager.

Chez nous, il est malvenu de parler d’ samour en matiere d’ enseignement. Autant parler de corde dans la maison d’ un pendu

Une hirondelle assomee par des stupides fenestrons a la fenetre ou sur une vitre est une hirondelle a ranimer. Et l’ a relachee, grogie, pointant vers le sud. Point final.

Est-ce que seulement tu comprend ce que je t’ explique? Et si on ne m’ a jamais rien explique quoique se soit? Et si qu’ il n’ y avait aucune communication en famille?

Vous avez echoue au bac? Ne t’ inquite pas: meme pour le bac on finit par acquerir des automatisms

En Septembre 1968, ma licence de letter en poche. Il t’ aura fallu une revolution de mai pour le licence. Doit-on craindre une guerre mondiale pour l’ aggregation?

Statistiquement tout s’explique. Personnellement tout se complique

A tous ceus qui m’ ont pris la tete jusqu’ a present. Vous etes chanceux: je ne comprend toujours pas quelle tete vous m’ avez pris

I know all about the French language accents: graves, aigues, legeres, tenor, soprano… They are just too tedious to type. That’s why I chose to write my blog in English. I prefer an expanded set of alphabet rather than accentuation

Une vieille maman a son fils precaire: Qu’ est ce que tu fait  dans la vie? Et a son gendre: Tu crois que mon fils s’ en sortira un jour? (Daniel Pennac: Chagrin d’ Ecole)

Les moyens de communication et la technologie sont “Neutre”? Par ceux qui refusent d’ admettre que tout est politique. Et when all come crashing down, they will have no time to assimilate ce qui est tombe sur leur tete

Patrimoine universel, comme a toute l’ humanite? Comme la cuisine et les plats et les modes? Manger mes petits gents: L’essentiel de la domination ne vous sera jamais accorder de disseminer

Les nations se rebiffent quand les symbols de sa culture ou son independence sont menaces? Symboles? It is the stomachs and lack of opportunities that lead nations to revolt.

If I was born a young Moslem and felt trampled by the western global domination and controls, most probably I would have worn a kamikaze belt. Not to kill my citizens, but targeting the institutions that are controlled by the occupiers.

The deadly sin of Da3esh strategy is that it forgot that islam was meant to transcend ethinicity, languages and race. Al Qaeda was left to die in Syria and be used in every society that the new colonial powers decided to destabilize.

Inutile de chercher si la mondialization est bonne ou mauvaise? Simplement parcequelle est une realite ineluctable? A totally crappie conclusion that intellectuals voluntarily disseminate to fool us into submission.

No need to accumulate sophisticated financial levels of anonymity and mystery: Within an hour, the US banking system where all transactions pass can uncover the mystery and play the game of cat and mouse.

Le vent de la mondialization souffle sur la planete? Il serait absurde de chercher a l’ entraver? Mais on peut naviguer habiliment en gardant le cap et en evitant les ecueils a arrive a bon port? This romantic description is meant solely for superpower China. The rest of the nations, including the old colonial powers were unable to navigate for any significant duration. They either surrendered totally or had to suffer and be crushed by sanctions

Civic work? American politics (for white citizens) gave rise to a cult of acting dis-interested. What matter in Not being seen as disinterested rather than being willing to work for the common good, even when un-observed. It is the equality concept among the white people that gave rise to individualism (Not belonging to any group) that is neutralized by the concept of liberty. A case of plural ignorance of what others really want.

Ces filles qui viennent de la champagne, attendant le client derriere une vitre a cote d’ un brasero. Elles y retournent quelque annees après, s’ y marrient, oubliant ce que personne n’ avaient su

Indecision: d’ avoir recu les cles pour comprendre la honte ne donne pas le pouvoir de l’ effacer.

Quelque chose de gris, sans eclats ni relief. Conforme a mon souvenir d’ etudiant n’ intervenant jamais en classe. On n’ apprend rien de profound que lorsequ’ on sent avoir acquit la confiance de soi.

Dans mes pires moment de cafard, j’ etais convaincu que la mauvaise poesie conduit a la bonne, a force de lire tous les poems qui tombaient a mes yeux.

J’ etais pauvre comme Job et d’ une timidite maladive qui je tentais de compenser par une arrogance insupportable et une franchise brutale. Cette franchise brutale devait venir bien plus tard, quand je me sentais de trop et m’ isolais du group.

As soon as we are born, the community insert a carrot between our buttocks. Each time we obey the precept: “Listen carefully to what people say about you…” the more this carrot grows roots. It become pretty tedious to remove the carrot and be reborn to the world of laughter, enjoying the company of people and cooperating in teams

What people confess to a priest? Mostly benign sins that the priest knows they are common daily behaviors. The serious sins that hurt people and humanity are wrapped in stories packed with lies. The problem is that all benign sins are the basis and the web-net around which we plan and commit all the serious sins

Athlete gene pool? Tight body shape selection
Seven inches difference in height between Michael Phelps and Hicham El Guerrouj, the world record holder in the mile. These two men have the same length legs.
Swimmers are selected for long torso and short legs. Runner for their long and skinny legs


Most Machiavellic Empire: Fine-tuned in less than 2 centuries

And this empire doesn’t give a shit of world opinions and nations’ recriminations

The US market for all kinds of drugs is the most lucrative for drug warlords. Most of those warlords are created and  tacitly supported by the US institutions, including mercenaries. Those who step outside the bound of control are eliminated.

That these wars for drugs and “on drugs” leave behind thousands of prematurely dead youth is Not the concern of this empire.

This evil empire has been printing worthless dollars since early 70’s, and it doesn’t care. As long as the world finance and transactions must pass by the US banking system, the US can keep accumulating its tremendous sovereign debt indefinitely, by dozens of $trillions.

In fact, all nations are subjected to foreign debt and are unable to pay-off any significant portion, except the interest. Add all these sovereign debt of all the nations and they don’t come close to the US knees in debt.

Most of laundered money are controlled by the US banking system, as well as the off-shore safe heavens.

No need to accumulate sophisticated financial levels of anonymity and mystery: Within an hour, the US banking system, where all transactions pass, can uncover the mystery and play the game of cat and mouse.

All nations contribute to the World Bank and International Monetary fund that are totally in control by the USA. And the US claims without shame that it is lending nations under its control from its own money, money from people’s pockets

No serious US high official, known for crimes against humanity,  has ever been put on trial. The only ones occasionally put on trial are the minor officials for local politics, which no one outside the US care about. The seriously damaging officials to the political system are eliminated, cases closed promptly and don’t receive any cover stories.

The Democrats and Republicans have weaved a system of sharing nominal power through a weird and complicated election law: They kind of co-jointly rule, a shadow government under the umbrella of multinationals.

Many intellectuals (semi-professionals) voluntarily spread the US capitalist system and defend the sweatshop factories spreading around the world.

They claim that globalization cannot be labelled good or bad, simply because it is an ineluctable reality. A totally crappy conclusion that is disseminate to fool us into submission.

Or “communication and technology are “Neutral” because they refuse to admit that everything is political.

Or your only alternative in challenging globalization is to learn to navigate the strong wind of globalization in order to reach safe ports. Only superpower China managed to navigate in this wind for some duration. Colonial Europe had to submit to US dictate. Any challenger has to consider serious sanctions and be crushed. And covered up by UN resolutions.

Miles upon miles of labyrinths of stockpiled weapons and ammunitions, many dating back from WWII, are outdated. And more outdated weapons are continuously stocked in warehouses that no rats or roaches ever managed to backtrack, with scent or other animal means.

$Trillions worth of weapons of all kinds, including ballistic missiles, are stored and no documents for accounting are retrievable.

Sooner or later, if push comes to shove, and any administration insists on a tiny accounting of the military, the residents around these humongous warehouse will be evacuated under lame excuses in order to blow up these stockpiles. No material evidence, no documents… Case of accounting closed, and the same cycle will resume for decades

Syria was respected by the US for having managed to stay debt free for 3 decades. Colonial Europe hated Syria for its financial autonomy. This financial independence was too much to bear, and Syria was to pay the heavy price and be broken and chattered.

What other empire disbanded an entire army overnight with a simple letter? Since then, Iraq has suffered 2 decades of chaos,  instability, and handicapped born babies.

The US wants to forget Vietnam, where the US army went hunting Vietcong and anyone on the way, burning and defoliating entire regions. Obama claims that Vietnam loves the US and is the friendliest of allies in the Far East.

Only the USA is involved in almost all currently wars and pre-emptive wars being waged around the world, directly or indirectly

A few Design Jobs: Probably will vanish soon

John Brownlee 09.01.16

Organ designers, chief drone experienced designers, cybernetic director. Those are some of the fanciful new roles that could be created by the global design industry in the next few years.

But what about current design roles? How will they favor over the next 15 years?

Will every company by 2030 have a chief design officer, or will they all go extinct?

Should a generation of creative designers who grew up worshipping Apple’s Jonathan Ive put all their eggs in the industrial design basket?

We talked to a dozen design leaders and thinkers from companies such as Frog, Artefact, and Ideo to find out which design jobs could die out in the next 15 years, and which could grow.

There’s no empirical evidence behind these picks, so they shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Still, they represent the informed opinions of people who get paid to think about the future.

And seven jobs that will grow, according to design leaders at Frog, Ideo, Artefact, Teague, and more.

Design Jobs That Will Die

UX Designers
User experience designers are among the most in-demand designers working today. So how could their jobs disappear?

According to Teague designers Clint Rule, Eric Lawrence, Matt McElvogue, “UX design” has become too broad and muddled. “The design community has played fast and loose with the title ‘UX designer,'” they write in an email.

“From job posting to job posting and year to year, it jumps between disparate responsibilities, tools, and disciplines. Presently it seems to have settled on the title representing democratized design skills that produce friendly GUIs.”

In the future, they predict that UX design will divide into more specialized fields. “The expanding domain of user experience and its myriad disciplines will push the title ‘UX designer’ to a breaking point, unbundling its responsibilities to the appropriate specialists,” they say.

Visual Designers
Visual designers are the ones responsible for the way an app looks. UX designers, meanwhile, are the ones who concentrate on how it feels.

A lot of times, designers do both, but going forward, jobs that require just visual design skills are going to die out. That’s according to Charles Fulford, Executive Creative Director of Elephant, the San Francisco-based, Apple-centric stealth arm of the digital agency Huge.

“Gone are the days of UX dumping a ton of wireframes on visual designers,” he says, as well as “the days of visual designers being clueless about usability.” What are needed instead are designers who can not only come up with the look of an idea, but make it real, with actual programming and prototyping skills.

Rob Girling, cofounder of the design consultancy Artefact, agrees. “In the next 10 years, all visual design jobs will start to be augmented by algorithmic visual approaches,” he says.

After all, design companies are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to create previously impossible algorithmic designs, as well as crunch UX data on millions of users.

“An AI-powered tool can automatically provide a designer with 100 variations of a layout, based on some high-level template, or style definition . . . We see early versions of these algorithmic procedurally generated tools already in use by game designers.”

For example, the 17 billion planet universe in the recent blockbuster video game No Man’s Sky was largely generated algorithmically.

The short version? If you’re a visual designer, it’s time to diversify.

Design Researchers

“When ethnographic research was new in design, there were designers who specialized in research,” explains Harry West, CEO of Frog. “The role of design researcher is now evolving to become a fundamental skill and practice for all types of designers. Today, for any design challenge, it is assumed that you first learn what the customer wants; every designer must know how to set up customer research and learn from the source.” Consequently, no one needs a dedicated design researcher anymore. “The role is so fundamental that every designer should know how to do it,” says West.

John Rousseau, executive director at Artefact, puts a finer point on it: New technologies like machine learning and virtual reality are killing design research. “Design research as we know it may cease to exist—at least in terms of the types of ethnographic field work we do today,” he says. “Research—-and researchers—-will likely be marginalized by new forms of automated data and insight generation, compiled via remote sensing and delivered through technologies like virtual reality.”

Traditional Industrial Designers
Most designers we asked predictably thought their own fields had rosy prospects. Not Markus Wierzoch, industrial design director at Artefact.

He says that classically trained industrial designers who remain too attached to the “industrial” parts of their profession—in other words, overly focused on the sculptural look of a product—will become, in his words, “designosaurs.”

“More than ever before, industrial design cannot exist in a vacuum,” he writes. The issuer is that form no longer follows function and function only—software is also involved. That means industrial designers in the future will need to evolve to think about the total end-to-end user experience, a role Wierzoch calls the “post-industrial designer.” (More on that below.)

Doreen Lorenzo, director of integrated design at UT Austin, also sees the role of the classically trained industrial designer dying off soon. “In the future, all designers will be hybrids,” she says.

Chief Design Officers
“This is a trend as of late: to have an executive-level design figurehead,” says Sheryl Cababa, associate design director, Artefact. But that role might—and should—die, because it’s redundant. ”

Good design is, fundamentally, interdisciplinary, which means that in a company that is design-oriented, all executives will be design practitioners, and the chief design officer position will vanish as quickly as it came.”

CEO Tim Brown echoes the idea that design will be embedded at the executive level, although he doesn’t necessarily think CDOs themselves are going to die out.

“Business is moving from a long period where analytical skills were of extreme value in the search for efficiency, to one where creative and design skills will be essential to deal with complexity, volatility, and the requirements for constant innovation… CEOs will need to be designers in order to be successful.”

Design Jobs That Will Grow

Virtual Interaction Designers
Virtual and augmented reality is set to become a $150 billion industry by 2020, disrupting everything from health care to architecture. UT Austin’s Doreen Lorenzo thinks that more user interface designers will start strapping themselves into Oculus Rifts and becoming VI designers.

“As more and more products become completely virtual—from chatbots to 3D projections to immersive environments—we’ll look to a new generation of virtual interaction designers to create experiences driven by conversation, gesture, and light,” she writes.

Specialist Material Designers
Yvonne Lin of 4B Collective believes that in the near future, there will be a growing need for designers who can work in and across different types of materials. For example, she sees bamboo architects as being an up-and-coming design field, as the Western world embraces “the possibilities of a weight-bearing material that can grow three feet in 24 hours and can be bent, laminated, joined, and stripped,” as Asia has.

She also says that designers who can sew will soon be in hot demand to create structural soft goods. What’s a structural soft good? Think of the kind of things MIT’s Neri Oxman designs, or wearables that are as much tech as textile: a blend of circuit boards and fabrics, like Google’s Project Jacquard.

“Today, there is a skill and knowledge gap between the soft- and hard-good world. Very few people know how to work in both,” she says. “The intelligent mixing of fabrics (for comfort) and plastics and metals (for structure and function) would have significant benefits for health care and sports products. As people live longer and as sports participation increases the demand for these more comfortable and higher performance products will increase.” Maybe even tomorrow’s Air McFlys.

Algorithmic/AI Design Specialists
Fifteen years down the road, few of the designers we spoke to were afraid that a robot or algorithm would take their jobs.

Though “applied creativity is fundamentally hard to codify,” as Artefact’s Rob Girling says, artificial intelligence will create new design opportunities—so much so that Girling and other designers we spoke to think that AI and algorithms represent growing field.

“Human-centered design has expanded from the design of objects (industrial design) to the design of experiences (adding interaction design, visual design, and the design of spaces) and the next step will be the design of system behavior: the design of the algorithms that determine the behavior of automated or intelligent systems,” argues Harry West at Frog.

For example, designing the algorithm that determines how an autonomous vehicle makes the right human-centered decisions in an unavoidable collision. “The challenge for the designers is to tie the coding of algorithms with the experiences they enable.”

Post-Industrial Designers
“As every object becomes connected—from your couch to your fitness bracelet, the hospital room to your wallet—we need to think about connected experiences,” says Artefact’s Markus Wierzoch.

“[These] offer much broader value propositions, which means we need to change the [design] processes used to define these objects beyond their immediate form and function.”

Enter the postindustrial designer. Postindustrial designers will need to think of the total end-to-end user experience to build “tangible experiences that connect the physical and digital worlds,” Wierzoch says.

For example, the designer of the future, charged with designing an electrical toothbrush, will need to make sure their toothbrush can connect to an app, give users brushing stats, as well as plug into the future smart home. It’s just not enough to design something that cleans your teeth well anymore. “Someone has to be responsible to stitch complex experiences together,” Argodesign’s Mark Rolston says.

Design Strategists
Design researchers may find fewer opportunities in the next 15 years, but Artefact’s John Rousseau thinks design strategists will be indispensable. “The importance of design strategy will grow,” he says. “Future design strategists will need the ability to understand and model increasingly complex systems”—for example, social media networks or supply chains—”and will design new products and services in a volatile environment characterized by continuous disruption and a high degree of uncertainty.”

In other words, a future defined by political, social, business, and tech disruption that can happen overnight. In such a future, Rousseau says, design strategists will be like ballerinas, dancing their companies in and out of trouble. “It will be more of a dance, and less of a march.”

Organization Designers
The org chart of the future isn’t going to be the same as the org chart of the past. That’s why Ideo partner Bryan Walker thinks dedicated organization designers will be on hand, helping make companies more “adaptive, creative, and prolific.” These designers, he says, “will help reimagine all aspects of an organization from its underlying structures, incentives, processes, and talent practices to its physical workplaces, digital collaboration tools and communications. ”

Freelance Designers
Get used to working in your pajamas. According to Teague’s Clint Rule, Eric Lawrence, and Matt McElvogue, the future of design is freelance. “Creative AI and global creative marketplaces will give individual designers on-demand access to skill sets previously only capable within large teams,” they write. “The result is a surge in the specialization, efficacy, and independence of the designer.”

In their vision, freelancers won’t just toil away in solitude, they’ll form a “network of targeted micro-consultancies” that compete with more traditional firms.

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Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article misstated that IDEO’s Tim Brown thought Chief Design Officers were on their way out.




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