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Fighting against the North Dakota pipeline? Meet the Native Americans  

For Guy Jones of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe, this past week has marked an awakening for Native Americans.

Jones, along with his family and hundreds of others from tribes across the country, camped at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota in objection to the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

The pipeline is supposed to stretch across 1,100 miles, some of it running close to his tribe’s ancestral land.

When people in the Standing Rock Sioux tribe found out, they said the pipeline could desecrate their ancestral burial grounds and also contaminate the Missouri River, their only water supply.

These issues were detailed in a lawsuit the tribe filed in July claiming they were never consulted.

On Friday, it came to head when the U.S. Department of Justice ordered a pause of construction near the site to address some of the issues, rebuking a decision from a federal judge in the suit who had denied the tribe an injunction just minutes beforehand.

Jones told the NewsHour he had never seen a greater assembly of Native Americans than in the week leading up the decision.

When the Department of Justice issued its order, people at the camp lulu’ed, threw fists in the air and cheered. Several of them told the NewsHour that they will continue protesting through the winter, whatever it takes to ensure their land is safe.

Hear from some of the protesters below, and watch the NewsHour this week for more updates.

(click to see pictures and the leaders of the movement)

Andrew Bossone shared this link. Yesterday at 12:35pm ·
One man told the NewsHour he had never seen a greater assembly of Native Americans than at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Israeli Jet and Drone Shot Down over Golan Heights by Syrian Air Defences

As usual: 100% US media blackout on this story. US media totally controlled by the administration?

News is coming in of a statement from the Syrian Military Command, claiming that Syrian air defenses have brought down an Israeli warplane and drone illegally entering Syrian airspace in Quneitra. 

Quneitra is the largely destroyed and abandoned capital of the Quneitra Governorate in south-western Syria. It is situated in a high valley in the long disputed Golan Heights.

This report from Syrian Arab News Agency:

“Quneitra, SANA – The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces announced on Tuesday that the Israeli enemy’s air force attacked a Syrian military position in the countryside of the southern Quneitra province around 1:00 am on September 13, 2016.

The General Command said the Syrian air defense forces responded to the attack and shot down an Israeli warplane to the southwest of Quneitra and an Israeli drone to the west of Sa’sa’.

It noted that the Israeli attack came in support of the armed terrorist groups and in a desperate attempt to raise the deteriorating morale of their members due to the heavy losses they have suffered in Quneitra.”

OK, what’s Israel and the USA are up to now? Trying to start a wider war? This could get very interesting, and dangerous too…

Vanessa Beeley |
Note: For decades, the Syrian government refrained from responding and reacting to Israeli engagements on its territories and suffered hundreds of casualties in its armed forces. This current forceful reaction must be taken as readiness to counter any Israeli “faire comme chez vous” military attacks.
Last year alone, Israel has already targeted many people inside Syria with airborned missiles.

Latest Estimate Pegs Cost of Wars at Nearly $5 Trillion

Naomi LaChance. Sept 14, 2016

The total U.S. budgetary cost of war since 2001 is $4.79 trillion, according to a report released this week from Brown University’s Watson Institute. That’s the highest estimate yet.

Neta Crawford of Boston University, the author of the report, included interest on borrowing, future veterans needs, and the cost of homeland security in her calculations.

The amount of $4.79 trillion, “so large as to be almost incomprehensible,” she writes, adds up like this:

  • The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and other overseas operations already cost $1.7 trillion between 2001 and August 2016 with $103 billion more requested for 2017
  • Homeland Security terrorism prevention costs from 2001 to 2016 were $548 billion.
  • The estimated DOD base budget was $733 billion and veterans spending was $213 billion.
  • Interest incurred on borrowing for wars was $453 billion.
  • Estimated future costs for veterans’ medical needs until the year 2053 is $1 trillion.
  • And the amounts the DOD, State Department, and Homeland Security have requested for 2017 ($103 billion).

Crawford carried out a similar study in June 2014 that estimated the cost of war at $4.4 trillion.

Her methodology mirrors that of the 2008 book The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Costs of the Iraq Conflict by Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz.

There are even more costs of war that Crawford does not include, she writes.

For instance,

“I have not included here state and local government expenses related to medical care of veterans and homeland security.

Nor do I calculate the macro economic costs of war for the U.S. economy.”

She also notes that she does not add the cost of war for other countries, nor try to put a dollar figures on the cost in human lives.

Note: If the UN is serious about investigating the crimes against humanity committed by US troops in Iraq, and the use of forbidden munitions and chemical bombs, the cost of reparation for the families of the born handicapped babies will be astronomical.




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