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When and what to privatize? Efficient production and export activities

Posted on: October 24, 2016

When and what to privatize? Efficient production and export activities

State bureaucracy and the multiplication of state institutions and of levels of public servants in hierarchies have rendered State-owned productive facilities and services very inefficient and uneconomical in cost and trading profitability.

My motto of when to privatise and under which conditions:

More than two independent competitors must be selected to purchase a public sector.

Independent competitors means different shareholders for each competitors and denial of owning shares in the competing companies.

A clause should be inserted to facilitate the introduction of other competitors after three years of privatizing the public sector.

The State should retain its responsibility to preserve and maintain total transparency and information for all companies that have shares in the public sector and after it was privatised.

All information, on financial transactions and personnel turnover and safety statistics should be transmitted to central public facilities.

The concerned associations and organizations should have free access to all the data so that companies remain conscious of its responsibility toward the well being of the citizens and safeguarding the nation from outside illegal  interference.

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