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Superpowers and western nations will tremble from the rage of the third world masses

Posted on: October 25, 2016

Superpowers and western nations will tremble from the rage of the third world masses

What Jean Paul Sartre was convinced of was that the western societies will tremble from the mass uprising of the third world for all the damages and plunders they effected upon these people.

The Western nations will have to pay dearly for repairing the indignities they committed. At the end the reparation will be in blood.

After these pseudo-independent States recognized by the UN didn’t stop the former colonial powers to desist in their onslaught of the natural wealth of the third world countries and treating them as vassals and chattels in governing their nations.

The western and modern superpowers (politically or economically), even those ruling by relying on their shadow power for centuries, assumed that the real danger is the unity of the third world States.

For that aim, they did their best to dismantle whatever unity could be formed and re-applied the colonial strategy  of “Divide to rule“.

They split the new independent States into religious sects, ethnic identities, former allegiances…

Currently, civil wars are raging in the 5 continents of the world and nothing can stop the wildfire spreading from every corner.

It is becoming a guerrilla warfare. Mostly within the states.

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