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Humans of New York: forms of punishment in an Orphanage Home

Posted on: November 22, 2016

Humans of New York

“I was in the home for 13 years. It was a very abusive environment for everyone there. There were four staff members in particular that were especially bad

Humans of New York's photo.

“One of their favorite forms of punishment was the ‘full burn.’

First they’d make you take your clothes off and lay on the carpet. One of them would sit on your back, and the other one would pull you all the way down the hall.

The worst was The Ice Man. If I saw him today, he’d be dead.

He was like one of those guys you see in the movies, where even when he smiled, it was ice cold.

He’d come in your room and tell you that you had a date with The Ice Man. Then he’d fuck you and make you suck his dick.

Afterward, he’d tell you when your next date was going to be, just so you’d have to worry about it all week.

Ten of us tried to escape when I was seventeen. I had a date with The Ice Man coming up so I figured I had nothing to lose.” (2/3)

Note: There are orphanages in Lebanon who practiced sex on the kids till they were grown up enough to vacate the institution.

A young man came out and testified on the horror stories, committed in an Islamic institution in Beirut.

Not a single minister took up his case to investigate.

Not a single judge cared to activate his file. This young man is currently a very active leader in the youth movement. And targeted by internal police forces in every demonstration.

“I want people to know that I’m not just a story they threw on TV. I’m a person that has real feelings, just like her, that wants to be heard and wants their story to be out there.”

Michelle Knight is one of the world’s most famous survivors.
But that doesn’t pay the rent or buy back the life that was ripped from her.|By Abigail Jones

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