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Tentative set of regulations for game clubs: Petanque, Bachi, Boules…

Posted on: December 16, 2016

Tentative set of regulations for game clubs

I posted in a previous article a description of the game Petanque or bachi since it is this game I do have in mind.

The regulations are to be discussed by the members who don’t miss a game and show up on time

1)  First come players, first served. It is inconceivable and unfair that any member barges in and considers he is endowed with the privilege Not to wait his turn to replace the losing team,

2) There should be No veto power, implicit or explicit, Not to play with any member who showed up on time.

3) If a team must have a leader, for obscure reasons pertaining to a few idiosyncrasies, the leader must be selected from those who don’t miss a game and show up on time. The rationale is that: 1) they practised more than the other occasional players, 2) They had plenty of opportunities to observe the other players and know better their limitations and capabilities, and 3) they are dedicated to keeping the team alive and kicking.

4) Players should come when Not hungry or feeling jittery from a bad day. Quitting should be penalized because it destroy the loyalty to the team. Each member of the team must focus and play the best he can. Otherwise, the game suffer and the cohesion is weakened.

5) When it is Not his turn to play, a team must Not interfere with the decisions of the other team. Any playing member has the right to inspect the field for an entire minutes and the player has 30 seconds to play his balls.

6) Any member of the playing teams has the full right to measure the distances of the balls to the cochonet and no one must disagree with that right simply on visual evaluation.

7) A measuring instrument with two movable cursors is more appropriate that any other measuring gismo that relies on visual evaluation.

8) It is desirable that each team be the same in order to function properly during competitions. If the team is Not complete, then selection from the first comers is highly recommended.


After 3 months of regularly playing Petanque and being on time, I discovered that irregularities in behaviors of the members have taken a toll on me. It was no longer fun and pleasant to pass quality time with the new acquaintances I linked up friendship with.

We enjoyed wonderful evenings accompanied with plenty of quality laughter, the kinds of involuntary loud laughter.

It was a wonderful journey that permitted me to learn and socialize and discover my humoristic tendencies and joking mind.


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