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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 10

La seule excuse de Dieu est qu’il n’existe pas. On peut le tuer a volonte. Et les pauvres bougres qui meurent en son nom, les extremists inclus.

Rien n’amuse les bien nés comme ce combat qu’ils regardent chez les pauvres pour survivre

A 90%, le temps sera le méme comme la veille. Les queues de la courbe de probabilité ne s’appliquent pas aux temps normaux.

Ariane ma soeur. De quel amour blessé; Vous mourutes aux bords ou vous futes laissée.

J’ai dit ce que jamais on ne devait entendre.

Les catastrophes irremediables, l’annonce des malheurs inevitables l’assommaient.

Venise s’enfonce? La belle affaire. Pourquoi dois-je la visité?

L’enfer c’est le froid. Pas le zero absolu: on ne sent rien physiquement. Assez froid pour sentir nos emotions sur le point de se congeler

Echouer au paraitre d’etre suffisant? C’est si facile de decouvrir  le paraitre, et la dignité factice aussi.

Etre noble signifie avoir plus de devoirs que les autres? Comme le devoir de recevoir matin et soir et entendre les recommendations? C’est plutot etre un politique.

Il faut que quelqu’un reconnaisse ma force: Je m’ en vais en guerre. Pour vaincre, pour humilier ces nations cretines, comme elles viennent.

La maladie terminale entre dans un foyer. Elle s’empare du corps et tisse entre les coeurs une toile óu s’ensevelit l’espoir.

Pour les riches, les petites gens ressentent les emotions avec une intensité moindre, et une plus grande indifference a la mort

La mort des petites gens est une evidence pour les riches. La mort d’un riche doit etre une injustice et du drame.

Une vie sans faste ni artifices ne devrait eprouver qu’une demi-revolte au moment de la mort?

Certaine personne voit la vie comme une succession d’actes conjuratoires qui donnent l’illusion de la securité. Se concentrer sur l’object, a chacun son tour, L’Enfant, les plantes, le chat, la femme de ménage

The bottles of vaccines contained smallpox virus. The tribes in Amazonia, close to Gold mines, died like flies

I read the first and last 2 chapters. If interested, I start from the middle of these fillers.

White attack dog: trained by Black addicts and drunks, hired by white racists, in inflicting continual pains and suffering. When cured from this instinct to attack blacks, they attack the white obese master who supervised over the cruelty.

White attack dogs trained to search and maul Negro fugitives, from prisons or plantations.

Israel has trained attack dogs: How they discriminate among the accredited Jews from the non-Jews?

C’est un vrai mechant: une personne qui a renié le bon en lui. Elle se deteste et on subit cet inconvenient.

She is an 88 bundle of aches and pains, and she is functional. Her dreaded nightmare is to be dependent on a care.

Save these lengthy paragraphs to tell me that you are being cynical and humoristic. Perfect your biting quick style and cut to the chase.

Syria presence in Lebanon brought security, stability, law and order. The rotten Lebanese are never satisfied but in chaos.

How your house looks like: For equal family income?

Photos that show how income affects the way people live around the globe

Spotlight TEDx Talk


Designer Anna Rosling Rönnlund is obsessed with understanding how culture and income collide to affect how we live our domestic lives.

At TEDxStockholm, she asks: If two families bring in the same amount of income, but live on opposite sides of the globes, how different (or alike) are their homes? Their routines? Their bedding? Their meals?

How does the home life of a family in China differ from that of a family in Nigeria with the same amount of money to spend each month?

To find out, she and a team of photographers have visited the homes of 168 families in 37 countries around the globe to visually record their homes, habits and daily routine in a project they call Dollar Street.

“Every home [the photographers] visit, they spend about a day,” Rönnlund says. “They take all the snapshots [and] get a questionnaire filled out about the household and the family, and take video snapshots following the family in their daily activities.”

Rönnlund and her team tag each photo by income, so that they can create data visualizations using these photos to see how the world lives on specific incomes.

The photo below shows images from their collection of photos of walls, with the walls belonging to the families with the lowest incomes on the left and the highest on the right:

A visualizations of walls based on income. (Photo: Anna Rosling Rönnlund, TEDxStockholm)

These photos reveal much about how the world lives, Rönnlund says, and can give us more complete data about income within countries and globally than pure numbers.

“We’ve heard many times that the U.S. is richer than China, and that is true when it comes to averages,” she says, “but the overlap [in incomes] is quite big. So the exciting part here is in using the Dollar Street framework is to start looking at [income] neighbors and comparing them.”

One can compare a high-income family in China with a high-income family in the U.S. or a low-income family in China and a low-income family in Nigeria, as seen below:


For more, watch Rönnlund’s whole talk below:

Insight from the TEDx office — why we like this talk:

The speaker presents an innovative project and a compelling idea — that we can understand culture and global income disparity better through visual documentation of domestic life worldwide — in a way that is clear, evidence-based and supported by striking visuals. She has experience as a designer, data analyst and photographer and uses that expertise to inform and support the project.

A 3-month journey of regularly playing Petanque

After 3 months of regularly playing Petanque and being on time, I discovered that irregularities in behaviors of the members have taken a toll on me.

It was no longer that much fun and pleasant to pass quality time with the new acquaintances I linked up friendship with.

We enjoyed wonderful evenings accompanied with plenty of quality laughter, the kinds of involuntary loud laughter. It was a nice journey that permitted me to learn and socialize and discover my humoristic tendencies and joking mind.

So he got upset and quit the game. All the players left, sheep-file, through the gate

It was a good 3-month ride (moushwaar). An opportunity to communicate and observe my town people, closely and personally, on the game field.

A few examples of the unnerving behaviors of some players who considered themselves above regulations and polite rules.

Someone enters late and decide to be the leader and pick his team, irrespective of whose turn to play.

Another one come in drunk, sit on a chair, appoint himself leader and exercise a veto right of whom should be on his team. He has no idea who is playing and when he gets up, he hits the balls of his team members, claiming that he was Not aware. And it happens twice in a row.

At my last game I had a row with A.B Knot, who considers himself the best player of the club in seniority. He played with his preferred team. My team, all of them used to come regularly and on time to games, registered 4 points and I said: “The other team should remain at zero”. I guess this joke didn’t set well with Knot but he didn’t reply to my challenge.

In the next set of the game, it was our team turn and I was studying the field and Knot got upset on the ground that he knows the disposition of the balls and he insisted on interfering with my right. I finally got upset and told him defiantly that the rules say that he should Not interfere. (Actually, this was his own rule that refuses to abide by it on the ground that he has some privileges that he bestowed on himself)

A few seconds elapsed to rewind the spring, and this tiny and wiry toy sprung at me, screaming “Are you shouting at me? Are you shouting at me!”. It was a comical moment but I retained my composure.

We resumed the game and we were 8 to zero since we lodged 4 more points to add to the score. The Leader of the losing team, AB Knot, opted to remind himself that he is still pretty upset and created to himself an excuse Not to continue the game.

So he got upset and quit the game.  He should be sanctioned for quitting, but he was rewarded grandly: all the remaining members in the tent decided to quit also. All the players left, in sheep-file, through the gate, tink tink.

We all get upset, angry and we shout. So what? Getting upset and quitting is a generalized flawed sense of pride.

Note: These are a few notes and comments I posted on FB related to my experiences and this event.

Ejetlo sha7meh 3ala ftireh, wa narvaz le2enno nabreti tol3et. Ma tebe3 al kanoon elleh houweh 7atto 3ashwa2eyyan, wa etddakhal fi keef lazem faree2na yel3ab. “3am tosrokh 3aleyyeh?”  I was about to laugh, but maintained a serious demeanor.

T3ebt: ketret al 7azazaat. Heda ma byel3ab ma3 heda. Heda ma byelyab ella iza heda le3eb bi fari2o. Heda ma 3endo raghbeh yel3ab sa7: biyel3ab 3afshika le2enno modtarr yefel wa bi hott al mishkleh 3ala rfi2o. Mnarvaz, jou3aan, nharo sayye2… Iza  ma baddak tel3ab min kel alba2, fel, wa ma tsamem al jaw

Saar kel wa7ad mnarvaz, mhayyaj, met7ammass… bado yet7atat 3aleyyeh. Ou3a tejra7 shou3ouro al morhaf bi telmi7a. Wa ana saber 3ala kalimaat, wa estehdafaat montazima, wa mwata 7ayteh min ajel al jam3a. Shou ana walad ta seer maksar 3assa? 3arfeen ma bosbor 3ala zolm, wa 3a yalleh dareb 7alo bi 7ajar akbar minno, wa laysh ketret hal zakzakeh? 

3am bet3ayyet 3alay? wa lesh 3ayyat 3allay abel ma 3ayyet? Enta moush bi fari2e tat wajjeh te3limatak. Haydeh we7de min kawaninak al 3ashwaeyyeh.  baddo youda3 al shourout wa al 2awaneen  3ala zao2o, fi al aw2at  elleh betnasbo, wa biyekser al awaneen 3ala zao2o. . Ma 7ada bi ello ra2yo, wa 7atta washwasheh.

houweh shayef kel shi. a3ed 3ala kersi wa moush dari enno wa7ad min fari2o arrab aktar 3ala al koshonneh. saret martayn bi da2 wa7ad. wa ba3do mousser enno shayef kel shi.

2el shou? wa laww. houwweh 3allamna 3ala le3beh al boule, wa biye7lelo yebahdel elleh baddo, sa3et elle baddo. Ka2nno mawdou3 boule.  wa moush drouret mouwajehet al zolm.

Shou ana walad 3ind Mr. Mawalad?




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