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The Wall. Walled-in. Walled-out. Acts of violence in progress. Stay out. Don’t meddle…

Posted on: January 2, 2017

The Wall. Walled-in. Walled-out. Acts of violence in progress. Stay out. Don’t meddle…

Walls have never dissuaded an invader from entering within the enclosure and devastating a town.

All those stories of catapults used to demolishing walls are rare events: The enemy enters through treachery from inside the walls.

Catapults were mainly used to send infected animals inside the town. To spread disease.

The Great Wall of China never prevented the two serious Mogul invasions to stop the hordes: Money lavished on a few Chinese garrisons did the trick to let in the Mogul troops.

The “see through” high walls of barbed wires say: “We can see you too. Do not trespass”

The most efficient barriers are the symbolic ones that are no barrier at all for crossing over.

The message is: “We are determined not to connect with you.” And this is the meaning of the Wall of Shame erected by Israel.

No see Palestinians, no hear Palestinians… then maybe we are right and  safe in our occupation of territories.

What was constructed to wall-in Palestinians, turned out to materialize the ghetto mentality of the Zionist ideology and historical exclusion from communities around them.

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