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Monsanto’s about to celebrate their biggest coup ever, but we have only hours left to stop them. 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a huge, ultra-secret deal among twelve major countries that would give corporations unprecedented power — allowing them to use new global tribunals to sue our governments for passing laws that protect us, but reduce their profits!

This could apply to everything from labeling GMO foods to protecting internet freedom.

Wikileaks has broken the story and opposition is building fast, but the countries are rushing to seal the deal within 24 hours.

This is insane, but we have a chance to stop it — 3 countries are wobbling, and if they pull back now the whole deal could crumble.

If we deluge leaders in Chile, New Zealand and Australia with a global call to stand strong, we can stop this corporate takeover before Monsanto uncorks the champagne. Sign up now and share this with everyone:

Twelve countries are about to agree a trade deal that would let companies sue our governments to get rid of laws that protect us, but reduce their profits! Now, with 48 hours to go, three countries are wobbling. If we deluge them with a call to stand strong, we can stop this corporate takeover before Monsanto uncorks the champagne.

The leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership drafts read like an extended Christmas wish-list for big business — it would set a global standard of companies imposing their will on our governments through an opaque system of tribunals.

These courts could limit access to cheap generic medicines in favour of branded medicines, and even allow cigarette companies to sue governments over health regulations that they say threaten profits! It’s almost too crazy to be true.

But practically no one has heard of the TPP!

The talks are so secretive that not even our elected lawmakers know what’s in it — just the negotiators and 600 corporate lobbyists.

Now leaked texts have shocked politicians and citizens from Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. And they are pushing back on the corporate bullying, and against the US that is hell-bent on getting a deal agreed before there is too much public scrutiny.

The TPP affects us all — it infringes on our rights and undermines our democracies just to protect the corporate bottom line. And we only have hours to stop it.

It can be easy to feel small in the face of big corporate forces driving our governments.

But people, not money, are the true source of power. Time and again, our community has proved that when we come together to protect our rights against corporate takeover, we can win. Let’s now stop this unprecedented threat to our democracies.

Alice, David, Jooyea, Alex, Aldine, Julien, Ricken, and the Avaaz team


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Israeli Gov’t Approves Plan To Punish People Who Disagree With Them

I Can See Palestine posted this Dec. 16, 2013:

The Israeli government has just passed a new law designed to punish people who disagree with them, a law which the attorney general and legal experts in the country say is both unconstitutional and a dangerous infringement on democratic freedom of expression within Israel.

The newly approved bill would impose a harsh new “tax” on any non-governmental organization whose managers expresses an opinion that conflicts with the currents policies of the Israeli government.

If even one manager of an NGO expresses support for the boycott of Israel, or for divestment and sanctions, or the trial of Israeli soldiers in international military courts for war crimes, or opposes Israel’s status as a “Jewish state,” any donation made to that NGO by a “foreign entity” would be taxed at a rate of 45%.

The approved version changed two clauses in the original proposal:

That a leftist nonprofit would be penalized even if only one member of its board violated one of the clauses for which sanctions are imposed, and that sanctions would be imposed on organizations working against “the Jewish-democratic identity of the state.” The latter clause would have included negating, even implicitly, Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, or calling for the separation of religion and state.

In an unusual move, it was agreed that the bill would be debated again by the ministerial panel after it passes its preliminary reading in the Knesset.

Under the revised bill, certain nonprofits that receive donations from a foreign entity would be required to pay a 45 percent tax on the contributions.

The law would apply to groups that work for or call on others to boycott Israel, stop investing in Israel, or impose sanctions on the state or its citizens. It would also apply to groups calling to prosecute IDF soldiers for war crimes, subsequently exposing such alleged acts, or calling to investigate them.

This means that the Israeli government has just passed a law declaring that they will effectively seize almost half of all funds donated to NGOs in Israel if their leaders do not toe the appropriate party line.

Freedom of expression in Israel is only for people who express the appropriate opinions, because… the safety and operational ability of the Israeli military depends on suppressing political dissent.

The bill was pushed by Jewish Home, which insists that it will protect Israeli soldiers from “immoral legal claims,” and insisted that not cracking down on the NGOs harms the military’s “operational ability.”

The Israeli attorney general has said the bill infringes on a number of the constitutional rights enshrined into Israel’s Basic Laws, such as freedom of expression and freedom of association.

AG Yehuda Weinstein says that the “tax hike” on NGOs is really a de facto fine designed to cut donations to the non-profits in question in ways which would harm freedom of expression in Israel.

“Limiting donations and harming non-profit organizations’ free speech, and in general harming human rights is something done by a group of countries that it is doubtful that Israel wants to join,” said Weinstein. He added that even if the purpose of the bill was proper, which he said he doubted, it exceeded any sense of proportion because of the serious ramifications it was likely to cause.

The issue of proportionality is important because under Israeli law the state may undertake an act that harms a right in one of Israel’s Basic Laws if it is consistent with the values of the State of Israel, intended for a proper purpose and the harm done is proportionate.

This issue of “proportionality” in keeping the values of the State of Israel is incredibly important because one of the State’s most fundamental tenets is its Jewish identity.

If the state feels there is anything which “threatens” that identity, such as calls for the separation of church and state or marriages between members of different faiths, then it may make whatever laws necessary to stop the practice, regardless of how it violates the democratic and human rights which Israel claims to uphold.

Former Israeli Supreme Court President Aharon Barak had this to say about the Israeli government’s violation of constitutional rights in relation to marriage equality in his forthcoming book “Human Dignity: The Constitutional Right and its Derivatives”:

“Anyone who is unable to marry according to religious law, and anyone who does not want to marry according to religious law for their own reasons, cannot marry in Israel.

Civil marriage is not recognized in Israel. This state of affairs violates the constitutional right to marry…The present law does not only violate the constitutional derived right to marriage, but it also often violates the derived right to freedom of conscience and freedom from religion.

A law that prevents two members of the same gender from entering a relationship of couplehood is a violation of the human dignity of each partner.”

These people who are refused the right to marry include the hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens who have entered the country under the Law of Return, but who are not considered Jewish by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. This religious body is notorious for its attempts to be the sole arbiter of “who is a Jew,” not only in Israel but in the diaspora as well.

Then, of course, there is the gross violation of both the Basic Laws and international law with the practice of administrative detention, where individuals from asylum seekers to Palestinian residents (including children) are held without trial for extended periods of time.

Administrative Detention

The Israeli Supreme Court recently overturned a law which allowed the detainment of asylum seekers for up to three years without trial on the basis that it was “unconstitutional,” as it violated a basic law enshrining human dignity and freedom.

“In the opinion of all nine justices on the panel, the period of three years’ detention as stated in the law is unconstitutional,” judge Edna Arbel wrote.

Despite the unconstitutionality of their actions, the Israeli government seems to prefer to legislate first, then force people to go through the court system to change unconstitutional laws. This process is lengthy, expensive in time and money, and allows the Israeli government to continue violating human rights while the cases drag on.

Monetary punishment of people that disagree with the government is yet another mark against the government of Israel.

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 15

We are all cowards, in more than one way, and we know it. Please, desist from reminding us of that.

Né intelligent and paria, Riabinine n’a cure des prejudices des nobles: il aime manipuler et detrousser poliment ces seigneurs et leur system imbecile.

Les efforts de la volonté (decision et intention): if faut beaucoup de pratiques pour que la routine réduit effectivement et suffisamment ces efforts

Je n’aurais jamais credité les pauvres de grandeur d’ame pour les plus aisés sous pretexte des injustices de la vie.

Poor people mostly hate the other poors: They sense that they match their deficiencies et remind them of their lamentable conditions.

The minor poetes generated the greater ones. Invest in the research of the minor poetes as a catalyst for a fresh new wave of great poetes.

Ce farouche ennemi qu’ offensait le respect, qu’importunait la plainte… est dompté et apprivoisé par son amour d’Aricie

Cet orgueil, nourri dans les forets, il en a la rudesse. Endurci par de sauvages lois, Hippolyte entend parler d’amour pour la premiere fois.

Who is the poete of all time? Again, in which language? I can read in the original French, English and Arabic. I may say: Racine in French, Shakespeare in English, Al Motanabi in Arabic. I would have picked Abu Nawwass if he invested any time in editing and publishing his abundant and versatile poems.

The spread of knowledge and sciences didn’t make a dent on the ratio of the suckered people every day. That is why pro-active laws must be enacted to keep the money in the pocket of the bamboozled by institutions and associations.

The tribe that owned the monopoly over the idol of the greatest Abstract God Allah was constantly broke. The well-off tribes owned the practical demi-God idols.

Nothing has changed: It is the Saints who are generating the wealth of the churches and other religions.

Human kind will be better off if he adored the good people after their death, instead of an abstract God whose deeds are malignant to the living.

I listened to the speech of Thomas Moore last night in Wisconsin. He was demanding Not to use the voting booth as an “anger management” right. You will feel good for a day, and be hurt for 4 years. (The problem is that Hillary has already nasty plans for the Middle-East)

Vivons-nous dans l’angoisse du manqué? Apres une féte, un bouillant nous rend heureux de l’instant present: On a moins, mais on en profit plus.

On ne gout un plaisir que parce qu’ on le sait éphemere et unique. Il ne suit pas que ce qui est ephemere doit generer du plaisir: Il faut de la pratique et perseverance pour découvrir comment rendre l’ ephemere essential a une vie satisfaisante.

Persevere at you most cherished hobby: keep working the details for perfection to flow.

Modern Lebanon and Syria: No sciences or a valid national anthem. Traditions of the land that refused any King, a people without civic rights, a soul Not confined within a Temple. A land surviving on ancient spirit, myths with roots as deep and sprawling as antiquity. The original chaos left intact, surrounded by symbols and illusional hopes. A hotbed for civilizations that spread and re-arranged this peaceful chaos into national codes and organizations, elsewhere

Through my diaries, I got convinced that falling in love must be a story: You don’t accede to passionate love until you tasted the burning of hell (May Mennassa)




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