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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 15

Posted on: January 16, 2017

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter.

We are all cowards, in more than one way, and we know it. Please, desist from reminding us of that.

Né intelligent and paria, Riabinine n’a cure des prejudices des nobles: il aime manipuler et detrousser poliment ces seigneurs et leur system imbecile.

Les efforts de la volonté (decision et intention): if faut beaucoup de pratiques pour que la routine reduit effectivement et suffisamment ces efforts

Je n’aurais jamais credité les pauvres de grandeur d’ame pour les plus aisés sous pretexte des injustices de la vie. Poor people mostly hate the other poors: They sense that they match their deficiencies et remind them of their lamentable conditions.

The minor poetes generated the greater ones. Invest in the research of the minor poetes as a catalyst for a fresh new wave of great poetes.

Ce farouche ennemi qu’ offensait le respect, qu’importunait la plainte… est dompté et apprivoisé par son amour d’Aricie

Cet orgueil, nourri dans les forets, il en a la rudesse. Endurci par de sauvages lois, Hippolyte entend parler d’amour pour la premiere fois.

Who is the poete of all time? Again, in which language? I can read in the original French, English and Arabic. I may say: Racine in French, Shakespeare in English, Al Motanabi in Arabic. I would have picked Abu Nawwass if he invested any time in editing and publishing his abundant and versatile poems.

The spread of knowledge and sciences didn’t make a dent on the ratio of the suckered people every day. That is why proactive laws must be enacted to keep the money in the pocket of the bamboozled by institutions and associations.

The tribe that owned the monopoly over the idol of the greatest Abstract God Allah was constantly broke. The well-off tribes owned the practical demi-God idols.

Nothing has changed: It is the Saints who are generating the wealth of the churches.

Human kind will be better off if he adored the good people after their death, instead of an abstract God whose deeds are malignant to the living.

I listened to the speech of Thomas Moore last night in Wisconsin. He was demanding Not to use the voting booth as an “anger management” right. You will feel good for a day, and be hurt for 4 years.

Vivons-nous dans l’angoisse du manqué? Apres une fete, un bouillant nous rend heureux de l’instant present: On a moins mais on en profit plus.

On ne gout un plaisir que parce qu’ on le sait ephemere et unique. Il ne suit pas que ce qui est ephemere doit generer du plaisir: Il faut de la pratique et perseverance pour decouvrir comment render l’ ephemere essential a une vie satisfaisante.

Persevere at you most cherished hobby: keep working the details for perfection to flow.

Modern Lebanon and Syria: No sciences or a valid national anthem. Traditions of the land that refused any King, a people without civic rights, a soul Not confined within a Temple. A land surviving on ancient spirit, myths with roots as deep and sprawling as antiquity. The original chaos left intact, surrounded by symbols and illusional hopes. A hotbed for civilizations that spread and re-arranged this peaceful chaos into national codes and organizations

Through my diaries, I got convinced that falling in love must be a story: You don’t accede to passionate love until you tasted the burning of hell (May Mennassa)

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