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Fine tune your marriage contract

Posted on: February 2, 2017

Fine tune your marriage contract

The more a couple, particularly women in developing countries, fine tune their marriage contract and discuss all aspects of marriage troubles, the more they become autonomous in thinking and behavior.

A thorough contract is Not merely a guideline for remembering what has been promised, but for learning what we have to be facing and how we should confront the multiple challenges.

A contract is a document of Delivering on what we intended to do.

I read a very stupid statement that the more a woman dwell on what to get before marriage is a sign of resuming the bondage tradition.

The most bullshit statement that propagate the male domination.

Islam was the most advanced religion in the fact that it permitted women to write detailed and binding marriage contracts.

Women could demand divorce if the contract was breached. And scores of them did just that in the first century of Islam.

We all have been suckered many times, once more than we thought our intelligence and experience could permit.

Don’t be frightened.

This is the attribute of a normal person: we are addicted to suckers, in all domain fo life.
The harder we resist, the faster we succumb

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