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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 18

Posted on: February 7, 2017

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 18

More bitter than security is who is let to inherit fear.

Tout ce que voit l’homme, il le prend pour un jouet. On ne devient jamais un sage adulte.

The religious clerics are frank in saying: Give to Caesar what is to Caesar: They always shared power with oligarchies.

Religious clerics are hypocrite when they refuse to give “what is to God to the people”.  They act the banks: dipping in the pockets of governments and people

Blaming others for failing to shoulder responsibilities is common. Resuming your lecture on moral and good behavior is ridiculous

Work on reforming yourself. You’ll repeat mistakes, but Frequent turns Occasional

Are you angry with me? Take all your time to reconcile with yourself

You cry the most on a wish that came true (Truman Capote)

In Cold Blood? It was in the hottest of blood. And Capote tiled his book before hearing what happened in the killings.  He became filthy rich and the book of the decade.

The man looked Perry in the eyes. Perry noticed that the man pitied his upbringing. The eyes of the man was sharing the same trauma he went through in childhood. The hot blood in Perry made a turn and slaughtered this man and then shot the wife and daughter.

Capote might have shared the same house with Perry’s same upbringing.  Perry slipped away from the back door, Truman opted for the front door.

Don’t get carried away with retouche: You apologize once and the trend is a lifetime of apologies. Apology is at best skin-deep: the tenuous emotions in this particular instance are Not solved by an apology.

I believe in the will. Two kinds of will: 1) for survival and 2) an idea for action in gestation.

An idea waiting for the proper conditions and levels of energy and excitement to change the situation.  The same is valid for a people to perform reforms.

“L’Elegance du Herisson”. by Muriel Barbery. An excellent book

“Miniaturiste” by Jessie Burton. Great book on puritanical Netherlands of 17th century

Ce sont les Jihadistes experimentés qui se cache et que les obus deciment.

He meant to pray for specific demands. He realized he was asking for stronger willpower,

Without stronger willpower, how can your specific wishes come to term?

Pity the proud: his internal sufferings are huge. And his ignorance of himself worse than you expected

Les tribus barbares massacraient pour une journés. Comment Daesh a put maintenir ses exactions aussi longtemps?

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