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Looming poverty line: Struggle of Egyptians for a living, for a piece of bread


SPECIAL COVERAGE | Looming poverty line: The struggle for bread

                                Sunday, December 15, 2013 6:51 PM

Looming poverty line: The struggle for bread


Aswat Masriya presents a special coverage on the struggle of Egyptians for a living in light of the country’s deteriorating economy.

–  FEATURE | Family struggles reflect Egypt economic deterioration 

–  Expert: Govt mechanisms to tackle poverty not enough – INTERVIEW

–  FEATURE l To feed my children or take the bus 

–  FACTBOX | Living costs and income of Egyptians in 2012-2013 

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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 20

All human-made calamities are consequences of most of us claiming to know more than the others’, of what is right and what is wrong. We transcend our ignorance, our flawed sense of pride, our deep intelligence of our limitations and capabilities in order to fool the others’

A woman crossed the line and planted herself in front of me. I said: was I Not first? She said: So what? I’m in a hurry. I said: My right is more in a hurry to become the rule of the game

It pays to keep transparent accounting and fair mentality in every institution. A little effort can go a long way.

Wars on drugs and terror brought in more of them. Let’s have an open war on jobs and money for a change.

Si l’espoir est dangereux, c’est que vous ne voulez plus considerer les choix qui demandent de l’effort.

Si l’espoir vaut mieux que rien, c’est que vous refusez de chercher de mieux.

So he got upset and quit the game. All the players left, sheep-file, through the gate

It was a good 3-month ride (moushwaar). An opportunity to communicate and observe my town people, closely and personally, on the game field.

He said that he taught him the game. Does he need someone to tell him the necessity to confront tyranny?

Karma? Is that a bad connotation? Then Karma my ass: find me a good one

A nation is this myth that children are taught to covet in their imagined recollections.

I may admit a boss to my team: Someone who never missed a game. And showed up on time

I dressed my religion and traditions then removed it as I sailed off the shores. I didn’t stuff them back, my religion and my traditions, when I came back. The fool of his community

Plus le rivage est desert et plus je sais comment le remplir, de mes réves et des non-humains, ceux qui sont morts avant moi.

Je n’ai pas ete vaincu loyalement:  c’est la petitesse des gens qui projette ce reflet

On ne se rend jamais compte qu’on est vaincu, si on confront la vie avec acharnement

Most probably, in less than a century, all those prefabricated states along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan)  that constitute the Syrian Nation, will become an arid land. This fact will Not obliterate the fact that it was the hotbed of civilizations

Il n’y aurait jamais de victoires individuelles, que dans l’imagination des gens vains jusqu’aux os.

Vocation d’insoumi, contre 1) le dieu de la betise des abstractions acceptées comme vrai, 2) le dieu des verities absolues qui torture et opprime 3) le dieu de la petitesse, des prejudges, des mepris… l’organisateur des lynchages et des persecutions.

Les fideles esperent qu’il suffira au saint d’etre parmi eux pour qu’il soit frappé a leur place

Les mechants sans doute compris quelque chose que les bons gens ignorent encore (pas de vice versa dans ce cas)

Le premier devoir d’un monument aux Morts, c’est d’etre vivant. Francois Hollande se croit immortel ces derniers temps

I apologize to the authors of novels: I read the cover, the first and the last chapter

If you want me to flip to the middle of the novel, leave an extra piece of mystery floating and hovering around in the last chapter

Tout est permis quand tout est possible? East- ce la raison que les états créent des lois contraignantes?

How am I to survive my next 24 years? If I have to live as long as dad and mom?

I have no job, have no money, receives no stipend from anyone, no government, no syndicate ( I failed to pay the yearly dues for lack of money), no health insurance, no car (could no longer afford the maintenance, the gas and endless taxes on a rickety car), no public transportation…

I receives no monthly or weekly little financial aid from anyone.

Actually, the community, relatives and close parents who can afford it, are expressly punishing me from Not Working for Pay after I reached 62.

It is not that I don’t care to work for pay on a job that I like… I am not employable for doing anything.

I have worked on most minimum pay jobs, Not long enough to discover any passion for any of those businesses. For many years, I worked on 4 jobs within the university to pay for the minimum required course hours while doing my PhD in engineering.

With a PhD in a Not traditional discipline (Industrial Engineering and Human Factors in Engineering), and Not understood by most scholarly professors, I taught at a university for a few years on semester contracts.

My CV has so many gaps to fill the time schedule that my imagination would run out of ideas.

And I am more knowledgeable (higher education and continuing education) than any employer, and was exposed to far more trades and small jobs than any fat employer.

And I have no talent for any hobby to kill the time and express any kinds of passions, or be paid for any talent.

Tell me: “How can I survive my next 24 years, as I become as old as my dad?”

I keep myself fit, do exercise, walk a lot, garden, eat moderately, drink a little on “free” occasions…

I have not a pound of fat and I cut down to half a pack of cigarette a day, with filter added to reduce the level of tar in my lungs…

Am I talking abstract?

I don’t care to live much longer, what for?

I wrote what I had to say, published my autobiography, and I am helping for “free” when I can in my household (doing dishes, washing, mopping, cleaning…

I wish an institution will accept me to die of thirst: Hunger takes much longer to do the job.

This relentless activities to lengthen the lives of rich people is bad for our species.

Most third world populations and poor classes are being denied proper health care and preventive health on account of Not having enough money in the budgets

Many elderly are left to suffer indignities for continuous aches and pains, because covered by a health insurance.

The sons and daughters (already retired) are forced to care for their hapless parents and ruining whatever useful life they still have.

No, retired people should be saved from surviving their elderly parents. They too have rights to their life.

Note: After a year of going through a process, I managed to get retirement check every month, about $900. And I still have to pay for my health insurance, a pay-off a few debts that accumulated to pay for the retirement process.

I have to pay for mother’s medicines and many other monthly payments such as phone bill, cables, electricity, gas…

Enough to barely survive and keep mother feeling safer financial wise.

Enough money since I don’t intend on purchasing any car, or an iPhone or any modern gadget: I have nothing to sell and Not much to buy.

Enough since I don’t intend to travel and pay exorbitant money for any kinds of visas.




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