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Humor Destination? May be Not that humorous… And What about Sex?

Posted on: March 8, 2017

 Humor Destination? May be Not that humorous… And What about Sex?
In the town of Baysour (Lebanon), two brothers cut off the “vile member” of their sister’s husband.
The husband is Sunni and the brothers are “Moslem” Druze.
In 95% of “honor crime” cases, it is the family of the girl who raises the highest the flag of “preserving the honor of the family”.
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Is English that easy? Maybe Not…

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The family of the married man have no qualm what is the religion of the wife, particularly if the man is the eldest, and “representing” the honor of the family.
I have been daydreaming of cutting off the balls of these violent Wahhabi extremist terrorists when caught in the act of raping women, particularly those veteran terrorists who make it a point of honor of raping and molesting every moving women: They tend to attach a proud grin to their given “God given” rights for their “good deeds”
Cutting off the balls of these ignorant savages is not meant as a message: It is meant to be applied to all the fanatic religious clerics who encourage all kinds of sex discrimination and who spread “holy” reasons and excuses to exercising shameful acts on women in front of their audience.

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