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Preemptive war in ‘self defence’? How this Israeli approach sustainable?

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Pre-emptive war in  ‘self defence’? How this Israeli approach sustainable?

Is Israel’s ‘self defence’ approach sustainable? Violence breeds violence.

According to Dr. Yousef Mousa, the Executive Director of the Union of Health Work Committee in Gaza, up to 80% of Palestinian children who have been victims of the conflict suffer from psychological and behavioural problems including:
– increasing level of violence
– sleeping problems with feelings of fear and anxiety
– changes in attachment to family and community
– various emotional and cognitive problems such as inability to concentrate
– decreasing hope in the future (including suicidal thoughts)

So the physical injuries may heal, but the psychological injuries at community level will take generations to heal.

Note: These are exactly the consequences that Israel wants from its successive pre-emptive wars and administrative detentions of Young Palestinians.


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