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“The roots of my perpetual state of feeling entertained…”

Posted on: March 27, 2017

“The roots of my perpetual state of feeling entertained…”
When you are uprooted from an environment to a totally different one without the presence of familiar faces…
How do you think that your emotional mind will react?
Either you fall frequently sick or you shut down the emotional system, relegating it to the unconscious realm, and stick to the present moment:
Implicitly, you refrain from conscious reflection on your conditions and situation and adhere to what the present events offer to you for entertainment.
“Who can’t see the vanity of the world is himself vain…
Except the youth who are continuously surrounded with noise, in entertainment activities, and thinking of the future, people are unable to recognize the vanity in this world.
Take out entertainment, and people will shrive land dry up in boredom.
They’ll sense the void without knowing it: It is insufferable to be in a sadness that cannot be overcome, as quickly as we start reflecting on ourselves, and be prevented from being entertained…. ” Blaise PascalPensées

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