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Do you have pride? What’s the sources of your pride?

Posted on: April 3, 2017

Do you have pride? What’s the sources of your pride?

1. To have urned a higher education degree? With your own sweat, blood and money? Working several jobs at minimum wages to get the diploma?

2. To have finally graduated, regardless of how long it took, based on your sheer determination for having a degree in your pocket, forgetting that age is a critical factor in the job market?

3. To be simply a citizen of a powerful country that has a veto power in the UN (has a nuclear arsenal), even if you are a homeless person and not enjoying any health coverage?

4. To be the son and daughter of an elite family class, knowing full well the shameful source of its wealth?

5. To be the son and daughter of feudal lord, a minister in the government, a deputy…

6. To have managed to be inducted in one of the public service institutions, based solely on your qualifications?

7. To be a citizen of a developed country, even though you never voted or got engaged in any social politics?

8. To have avoided getting in trouble with the forces of orders?

9. To have shun demonstrations and marching on the basis that these are futile undertaking that cannot change the power-to-be?

10. To have frequently marched and got politically engaged for the benefits of the downtrodden and valuing human rights of every person living among you?

11. To have left an imprint or stamp on a worthy cause that is higher than your miserable living conditions?

12. Are you proud that you led an adventurous life, packed with excitement, imprevisible events and overcoming hunger and the lack of daily amenities?

Better be proud of yourself for anything you did that you think is of value, was of value or will be valued by the next generation.


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