We are all fans of Netflix because they have provided us with hours of amazing entertainment which in turn had created hours of conversation and debate with our friends and family over plot lines and characters.

now we have a reason to love them even more: They are launching their first ever Ramadan campaign and it is about women!

After the success of the show ‘Girl Boss’ telling the story of Sophia Amorusa’s journey creating the multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal, the Netflix team were inspired to find Girl Bosses all across the Middle East in order to show how badass Arab power women can be! So every day this Ramadan, Netflix will tell the story of one of these Girl Bosses through short videos, so stay tuned for a month of female empowerment.

From chefs to youtubers to artists to business owners, these women represent the best and the most exciting of entrepreneurial spirit!

Of the 30 women that are involved, here are some of our favourite to look out for:

1) Nourane Owais – Illustrator and Photographer

Nourane tells us, “I’m a self-taught illustrator and photographer who also teaches watercolor in Arabic on YouTube, it’s a space that has so little content in Arabic and I wanted to take the challenge of making a contribution to filling it and help introduce more people in MENA to the beautiful art of watercolor.”

She adds, “I hope this Netflix campaign encourages more talented girls to pursue their full potential, I hope more players in the media world realize that women can be exceptional leads, but most of all I hope people see this and really enjoy it and have fun with it!”

Find her on Instagram @nouraneowais

2) Sarrah Abdelrahman- Actress and internet video-maker

According to Sarrah, “It is so important for big companies like Netflix to recognise the skills and talents of women in the Arab world because they have to make double and sometimes triple the effort to make it, so any recognition to these women can only encourage more women and girls out there to step up their game and get motivated to work.”

On what other women involved in the campaign she would recommend, Sarrah tells us, “I was lucky to meet 29 amazing women from all over the Arab world so it’s hard to recommend just one. But if I had to I’d pick Injy Abo el Soud because she is awesome, and Asrar from Saudi Arabia because she is hilarious!”

Find her on Instagram @sarrahsworld

3) Amina Amoniak- Photographer and art director

“I’m not a pro of the superwomen myth, Netflix team respected my own character and nature, they have gathered authentic women that I follow and admire. I trust the event! It will be grandiose!” says Amina.

Find her on Instagram: @amoniak

So stay tuned this month to see all of these fabulous 30 women in action!

Alongside these activations they have released this awesome video ad as part of the campaign showing that through all the stresses that busy women go through, with cooking for lots of people, cars breaking down, needing a power nap at work, we should always take a bit of time everyday to put up our feet and enjoy our favorite shows!

And if you watch closely, you might be able to find 7 hidden references to our favorite Netflix programs.

Check out the video here: