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Levantine vocabulary, 80% of words used in conversation (Zipf). Very few words have Arabic origin (conflations).

NassimNicholasTaleb @nntaleb 11h11 hours ago

Arab “nationalists” believe and spread this misconception that people in the Levant had NO language before the Arabs showed up. In fact it is Arabic that changed and got richer from the input and import from the local languages. Especially, urban terms of far more complex social structures and interactions
Much of the similarities between Levantine and Arabic come from Aramaic loan words into Arabic, particularly religious ones
Words such as “syrup” or “sorbet” that come from Arabic actually have Aramaic roots SRB: parched (to offset)

This Misconception on the mother: A link has been lacking for so long?

The more I read the stories, analyses, ideas, opinions, about the Mother and more I tell myself that they lack a link. Why?

My next book MISCONCEPTIONS is attempting to provide answers in an entire chapter, and I confess to delve into this issue I am left less whole than when I wrote about it.

I was feeling not whole because of what I know today: We were in this regard long prisoners of the simplistic cliché and reducer that seeks the mother in his wife or mistress…

A look under the microscope and you realize the complexity of the human need…

It is something else that we are looking for and I tried in my novel narrative to bring arguments that are more serious than plausible .

Justify to seeking the mother in the self rather than in any other, is a chimera, but today I will say no more

Jamil Berry on FB

Older Europe refugees denying Refuge of former hosts States

During WWI, Armenians and Christians in general were persecuted by the Turkish government (genocide) and they flocked to Syria and Lebanon before immigrating everywhere they could.

Turkey is at it again: This time persecuting the Kurds who were used in WWI to commit atrocities that Turks declined to perform in the remote regions.

During WWII, refugees from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia, flocked to refugee camps in Syria
Artisans were allowed to work in their professions and training nursing classes were instituted and they were permitted to visit the nearby towns to buy supplies that camps didn’t provide.

How the refugees in Europe are being treated? Horded in concentration camps?

They flocked to Syria, Egypt and Palestine by the same passage ways currently used

A reminder: WWI and  WWII wars were Not the doing of Syria or any Near-Eastern States. Why the West is conducting this new world war on the Syrian people?

The current civil wars were instigated and funded by the US and European States, and yet they refuse to take on their responsibilities toward the refugees

Lebanon has far more refugees, relative to its population, than any country in all the history of mankind. Equal number (Syrians and Palestinians) with its population of 4 million.

Lebanon has always been the preferred land for immigrants and refugees of dictatorial regimes in Middle-East in this century.




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