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Is “Homo Deus” is explaining how global “Elite” class will behave in the future?

But It is still behaving the same in last century.

Yuval Noah Harari in his latest book “Homo Deus” argues that humanity’s progress toward bliss, immortality, and divinity is bound to be unequal—some people will leap ahead, while many more are left behind.

As if those “left behind” is Not the fact every since history of societies was told

Yuval Noah Harari is re-telling us how the new biological and technological breakthrough has benefited the well-to-do. Bill Gates argues that new vaccines have been spread in less developed States a year after their discovery, just to refresh our memories that foundations are at work and mean to do good to humanity at large.


Suppose “Elite” class worldwide with plenty of money, privileges, connections…manages to give birth to totally healthy babies, healthy till late age, live without daily worries though “third party” that save them to stay in line for public transaction and AI robots to take care of domestic maintenance… what kinds of purposes could they invent for their life?

Get addicted to something like gambling, hard drugs, “immoral behaviors”, indifferent opinions, serial murderer of everyone disturbing their comfort zone, getting favourite seats to every event, driving like crazy on closed circuits, bungee jumping everyday, sky diving, acquiring more wealth by aggressive financial risk taking and monopolies in order to head the list of the richest families…

Do you believe that we really have organized to meet basic human needs: being happy, healthy, and in control of the environment around us?

Mind you that China alone has a middle class far numerous that the combined middle classes in the world. The same reality is at work in India.

May be the hotbeds for the coming revolutions against inherited, and unwritten entitlements will surge from these two most populated nations.

Do you think it is right to underpay workers from a decent living wage so that wealthy owners or planning to be wealthy people achieve some kind of dreams? Is this Not Capitalism entitlement at its ugliest level?

That a large pool of poor people must be maintained to serve those with money, privileges and entitlement?

But this is Not the future: It has been going on for more than a century.

Note: Bill Gates wrote that “Rather than looking back, as Sapiens does, Homo Deus looks to the future”. As if what Yuval describes in “Homo Deus” is different of what we have been observing for more than a century.

2014 News Photos from around the world


From Ukraine to Ferguson, Gaza to Liberia here are 15 of the top photos from 2014.

(Ashura Selfie by Mohammed al-Shaikh/AFP/Getty Images)

(The shortest and tallest men alive together – Luke MacGregor/Reuters)

(Dawn of the Planet of the Camels – Stringer India/Reuters)

(Just some cute Palestinian kids – Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

(Most retweeted picture, the Oscar Selfie)

(Ebola epidemic in Liberia – Daniel Berehulak – The NY Times/Redux)

(Israel bombed a beach killing 3 kids – Tyler Hicks – The NY Times/Redux)

(Dave Seymour and son Duke riding the wall of death – Rex/Rex USA)

(Jeremy Meeks was arrested on felony weapon charges, but his booking photo went viral and secured him a Hollywood agent – Stockton Jail)

(Dutch artist Bart Jansen turns his dead cat into a remote-controlled helicopter – Rex/REX USA)

(Moving picture taken of a woman that just lost her daug.. oh wait no this one is crying because Germany beat Brazil in the world cup – Bruno Magalhaes/AP)

(Miley Cyrus performsn on stage – Mazur / WireImage)

(U.S. President Barack Obama and former U.S. President Bill Clinton “speak” before Obama’s speech – John Moore / Getty Images)

(As inappropriate as this may look, this is just a man doused with milk and sprayed with mist after being hit by an eye irritant from security forces trying to disperse demonstrators in Ferguson – Adrees Latif / Reuters)

(A high wave hits the bank of Qiantang River in China – Xu Kangping/EPA)




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