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Most glorious Day of century: Feb. 15, 2003. Most depressing Day: Mar.18, 2003

Posted on: June 14, 2017

Most glorious Day of century: Feb. 15, 2003. Most depressing Day: Mar.18, 2003

Feb. 15, 2003 will stay as the Day the entire world demonstrated against war, specifically, against the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq by Bush Jr and British Blair.

Against a war that UN secretary general Kofi Anan labelled illegal, Not approved by the UN council.

When actor Glover chanted: Not in my name.

Millions in 720 cities and in 72 countries took to the streets and squares, even in Antarctica.

3 million in Madrid, 1.5 million in London, and same number in New York and Paris…

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu lambasted Bush Jr. and Blair for their foolish decision to go to war.

And Blair to claim that all these millions do Not represent democracy on the march

And British Foreign Affair Alistair Cook  stated in the Parliament that Saddam has no weapons of mass destruction, and whatever chemical and biological weapons Iraq have are British surpluses during the war against Iran (1981-88). He resigned and the entire Parliament members applauded him, in standing ovation. Yet, the parliament voted for the war

On March 18 2003, “Shock and Awe” war tactics made 600,000 Iraqis causalities and 1.2 million children made orphans. And detained millions of Iraqis who would form Daesh (Isis) later on

Fallujah was buried under nuclear contaminated bombs. A decade later, thousands of babies were born deformed.

Millions of Egyptians invested Tahrir Square and the police force had to retreat vacate the place. It was a show that was repeated on 2011 to depose Moubarak

Except of the Egyptians who kept demonstrating for weeks, the rest of the world went under deep depression: If all these millions of demonstrators could Not sway decisions in “democratic” State, what could?

They failed to resume the marches every week until the concept of democracy sticks in the heads of the politicians

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