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When a Lebanese Warlord and feudal leader joins the Tweeting community

Posted on: July 15, 2017

When a Lebanese Warlord and current Druze leader joins the Tweeting community

Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt recently joined Twitter and essentially broke the Lebanese internet.

Jumblatt mainly dedicates his tweets to a medley of preaching about lost Pan-Arabism, answering questions from followers, sharing his dinner plans, and making sure he says, “goodnight,” every night.

The politician’s quirky and oddly relatable posts have gained him 28,000 followers in under a month.

(That was years before Trump unnerved everyone on Twitter with his antics)

Here are our favorite Twitter moments from Jumblatt so far:

The time he verified his account in the most casual manner:

The time he excused himself for more important things:

The time he channeled Charlie Chaplin:

The time he made googly-eyes and essentially flirted with Italy:

The time we assume he fell asleep mid-tweet:

The time he chose the wrong emoticon and made sleep depressing:

The time he teased us about his dinner plans:

….Then wanted us to guess what they were:

The time he asked our permission to sleep:

The time he said he’ll call us back later:

The time he demonstrated his love for pizza and emoticons, just like the rest of us:

The time he admitted he’s not a Twitter pro just yet:

The time he showed his dog Oscar some love:

The time he killed any rumors that he was Gerard Butler/The Phantom of the Opera:

The time he got his feelings hurt and hilarity ensued:

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