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More Reaction buttons we Arabs desperately need on FB

Posted on: July 23, 2017

12 Facebook reactions we Arabs desperately need

POSTED ON: JUL 18, 2017

By: Rayana Khalaf. Source: Stepfeed

Last year, Facebook introduced these reactions to the traditional ‘like’ button

Since then, the social media platform has offered some additional options on certain occasions, such as the flower button for Mothers’ Day and the rainbow button for LGBTQ+ pride.

But, being the overly-expressive people that we are, the available reactions are just not enough for us Arabs.

Mark Zuckerberg, take note! Here are 12 reactions Arabs would love to have:

1. When you want to compliment someone without setting off the evil eye

2. When things just don’t add up (What is the relation with that?)

3. When you can’t help but leave a sarcastic comment (Are you serious?)

4. When someone is getting on your nerves (an Ass)

5. When social media responsibilities get too demanding during wedding season (Bless your event)

6. When ‘zarghoutas’ are in order

7. When your mom sees a ‘3ayb’ picture of you (You’ll see what I’ll do to you later on for acting shameless)

8. When you just don’t care anymore (my ass your opinion)

9. When ‘WTF’ is not enough

10. When you love someone to death (bury me)

11. When someone shares a sexist post (May earth swallow me)

12. When it’s time to celebrate the Arab way

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