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Never underestimate the affective forecasting: Happiness never last

Sadness too never endures indefinitely

The hedonic treadmill effect

How to keep in check affective forecasting?

1. Avoid negative conditions that you cannot grow accustomed to, such as commuting to work, noise, chronic stress

2. Expect that happiness from owning products, bonuses and prizes… is of the short-term nature

3. Aim for more free time and autonomy, since long-lasting positive effect come from what you actively do

4. Follow your passion, even if you have to initially pay a high price for it.

5. Invest in friendships, preferably friends not related to your profession

A shared and useful illusion

Ask a frog or a housefly or a dog to describe the world around us and they’ll give you the wrong answer.

The frog will talk about moving objects, the housefly will describe things repeated hundreds of times and the dog only sees in black and white.

Of course, our vision of the world is just as flawed, just as fake.

We can’t see the smells, as the dog does, nor can we visualize things on the edges of the spectrum. We make up a reality based on our particular way of seeing the world.

But, here’s the good part: That made-up reality is shared by many people around us, and it’s useful. We can use it to make predictions about what’s next, we can avoid bumping into people, we can appreciate a sunset.

If the illusion is working for you, stick with it.

Where we run into trouble is when the vision isn’t shared, when we assume others can and must see what we’re seeing, but they don’t.

And worse, when the vision isn’t actually useful, when our narrative of the world around us isn’t working, when it’s merely a fantasy, not a tool.

If the way you see the world isn’t helping you make the changes you seek to make, consider seeing the world differently.




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