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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 49

Qatar is still supporting Egypt’s Moslem Brotherhood and playing in the hands of Saudi Kingdom. This Brotherhood has been brainwashed to Wahhabism for 4 decades: Most Imams are financed by Saudi Kingdom, even in France and England
Christian clergy in Middle-East are joyful with the increase of Christian martyrs. Kind of the terrorists are doing their best to spread this joy among all the clergies.
Sous le signe de “Game Control”, des hecatombs d’animaux ont été systematiquement pratiquées.
La protection de la nature et l’extermination de la faune ne sont pas spécifiquement Africaines: Les Européens et Americains prennent l’Afrique pour refuge et pour échapper aux hurlements de leur citoyens écorchés
J’ai vécu au temps óu les enfants n’étaient rien: en dessous des domestiques et avant les animaux. J’ai dû changé avec le temps: ces enfants morveux sont maintenant tout.
“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed – to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is” Parker J. Palmer
Notre monde d’enfants avait des mots qui tuent: Le croup, tetanus, typhus, travail, bombardement, bombes, tuberculose, suppuration… Mourir en mangeant une cerise sans cracher le noyau, un chewing-gum avalé, un coup de pierre sur la tempe
Le refus de se soumettre á l’infirmité et les dures lois qui la négligent et persister á être un individu
Until the thousands of Wahhabi Islamic religious Madrassat, working around the world, are transformed into secular public schools, Extremist Islamic sects will be around for hundreds of years.
The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded religious Madrassat in the last 4 decades
It is much easier to become a billionaire than surviving: Laziness performance is the same, but the grit is much higher
“Quand on vous voit, on vous aime. Quand on vous aime, Óu vous voit-on?”  Ce soir, chez moi, pour rien.
“Bon. Il nous reste 5 minutes. Nous pourrions aborder le probléme de Dieu”
On ne parle pas á Dieu. C’est une facon de dire qu’on a réflechit profondement en un instant d’insanité temporaire
Tu n’est pas un seul être et tu n’est pas l’ensemble de tous les êtres.
On a crée un Dieu pour l’opposer au hazard organisateur. Les malins ont crées Dieu pour mieux gouverner. Les simples d’esprit pour circonvenir aux multiple malheurs du monde réel, par paresse d’esprit de reflection
Substantiated: Qatar and Iran had agreed on the oil and gas pipeline that should cross Iraq and end on Syria seashore. Saudi Arabia, USA, Israel and Turkey are trying to cut-off this project by occupying the South east region bordering Iraq, Syria and Jordan.
US troops landed in Boukamal border town and Saudi Arabia is to form a 34,000 army to occupy this “No-fight Zone”, if they can
Laissez faire. Les choses mortes se rejoignent dans le passé

The rationality paradox

If you see yourself as an engineer, a scientist, or even a person of logic, then it’s entirely possible that you work to make rational decisions, decisions that lead to the outcomes you seek.

The paradox is that you might also believe that you do this all the time, and that others do it too.

But a rational analysis shows that this is far from true.

Almost every choice we make is subconscious. We’re glitch-ridden, superstitious creatures of habit.

We are swayed by social forces that are almost always greater than our attraction to symbolic logic would indicate.

We prioritize the urgent and most of the decisions we make don’t even feel like decisions. They’re mostly habits combined with a deep desire to go along with the people we identify with.

Every time you assume that others will be swayed by your logical argument, you’ve most likely made a significant, irrational mistake.

Your actions and your symbols and your tribe dwarf the words you use to make your argument.




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