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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 56

Posted on: August 26, 2017

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 56

Comments on social platforms that people consider direct or indirect tightly reflect how you perceive your status in your community

Reflecting is great. If you fail to knock on doors and share your thoughts and ask what you want, you’ll forget this reflection.

“L’amie prodigieuse” by Elena Ferrante. Great read. Waiting to read tome 3. Apparently, it’s a pseudonym

“Un été avec Victor Hugo” by Laura El Makki and Guillaume Gallienne

“Les raciness du ciel” byRomain Gary

“Il ne restera de l’infirmité et du défi d’être un homme qu’une dépouille de plus sur le chemin”

In this global financial world, ma fi shi aktar min massareh 3ala wara2. Plenty of paper money with no real value

Ce fair mal est ume maladie dans les societies qui survivent toujours d’une geurre civile.

Une guerre sans vainqueurs: Tous sont vaincus, humiliés et invisible.

Je ne suis pas nostalgique de mon enfance: elle était pleine de violence, surtout d’être invisible et sans opinions

C’est á toi que je dédie mes posts, comments and notes. Tu es pensif en lisant: cherche la rebellion, l’insomission et le désir d’écrire (c’est un act puissant)

La Liberté de m’exprimer sans mensonge est mon drapeau et ma patrie

Le mot vivant (le mot que tu sens profondement) est une trompette. Il tremble sur les murs qui séparent les vivants

“Dans une mer sans fond, par une nuit sans lune, Combiens ont disparu, dure et triste fortune” Les réfugiés qui prennent la mer ont déja lu Victor Hugo: ils continuent de tenter leur chance.

This French government must be discussing hard with all concerned parties: The volatile French are keeping quiet

“If you want, I want”. Let us find a trade-off

Quantum physicist, Angela Merkel of Germany, needed 2 decades to figure out that the EU cannot rely on the USA and the UK.

The ancient concept of EU took flesh in 1956 after the Suez canal debacle. France realized it could no longer rely on the USA and the UK. Actually, during the Soviet dominion, the USA and NATO were totally impotent to refrain the Soviet Union from entering several European States with their tanks and imposing their brand of communism.

Trump blames Germany for accumulating surplus export to USA: As if it is Germany problems to produce quality products at affordable prices

Les petits enfants ne savent pas parler. Ils se chuchotent et semblent se comprendre. On se sent stupide.

Je n’hésite pas á me rallier á la vierge conscience contre la prostituté de la raison d’Etat

La peine de mort est la punition du vengeur: une affaire politique qu’on croit satisfaire le désir de la communauté.

Le gros du people est miserable et il souffre: la maladie de l’ origine des crimes est mal traitée

Existence est conscience: de ce qu’on sait, ce qu’on vaut, ce qu’on peut, ce qu’on doit á la communauté

Aprés le premier et le dernier chapitres, je préfere lire les autres haphasardement. J’estime la discontinuité qui me permet de ré-écrire le livre

A US veteran: Today and every day I remember all those Iraqis I helped kill.

I didn’t serve my neighbors, family or friends, I served only empire and the oil, arms and infrastructure firms that got rich. I didn’t protect anyone, least of all Iraqis, and certainly not any U.S. citizens who were never under any threat.

Those we murdered were mostly civilians. Lose the vet fetish and remember what we actually did and do, which is kill people for empire.

A well designed Robot should be able to say: “I’m hearing new words, new technical terms, new slang, the kids are disturbing my knowledge… I definitely need a sabbatical from all that tantrum”

Suppose Google-dumped all the community laws, new and old, in an AI Robot in order for people to behave as “Good citizen”, what could be its reaction with all the contradictions? Total impotency. Maybe burn a few fuses?

Sure, life is complex, and the living is more so. And yet, the process is pretty simple: We go on living with successive binary decision at each moment: Go/ stay put, yes/no, get up/take a snooze

What plagues kids is the platitude of the adults. Most adults don’t believe kids can be impressed by experienced opinions. Kids are left to discover their ways on their own. There is No such an idiotic kid who cannot be impressed by adult heart delivered suggestions and positions.

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